Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fellowshipping, People in our Path and 'Throw-downs'

Dearest family and friends:

This week has been really good! I have to say that I love our investigator, Brianna, SOOOO MUCH!!! She really is such a miracle! Every lesson with her seems to be a lesson that answers questions she's always had. June 11th is approaching fast! But, she is so ready. Our ward is really doing a great job of fellowshipping her! She always has someone sitting by her and she is seriously besties with ALL of the Hermanas.

A horse waiting for the light???
She spent all of church yesterday talking to Hermana Mendoza (recent convert). Later Hermana Mendoza texted us to ask us to remind her about Brianna's birthday (this Friday) so she doesn't forget. WOW!!!

For now, I would like to share a couple experiences I have neglected to share in the last few weeks:

Rey.  One time we were doing language study in a park. On our way back to the car a man stopped us and we started talking. He said it was a sign that he needed to get closer to God. I read to him 3 Nephi 9:13. He really liked it and accepted a Book of Mormon. He said when he was ready he would contact us. Really cool to see how God works with each of his kids individually. He knows how to work with us and when to put someone in our path.

Another day as we were walking into a members apartment complex. There was no parking inside so we parked in another apartment complex close by. As we started to leave the car a man came out. We started talking to him. He said he saw us in the camera, and that he had come out to make sure nobody bothered us. We got talking and he told us that one of his sons had died as a baby and he always wondered where he was. I shared Moroni 8 with him, which talks about how little children are alive in Christ. He was so grateful that we answered one of the questions that he has had for years. He said he would start to read the Book of Mormon as well! So cool!

This week was a week that Hermana Jackson and Hermana Frost called a
'throw down' week. We had a lot of great opportunities to call people to repentance, which I don't usually like to do unless they make me frustrated :). Examples: Armando and Norma. They are investigators that the elders gave to us, and they have been taught for a really long time!  When we went in to determine if we should continue teaching them, they tried to start arguing about doctrine with us. We asked them a few times if they were ready to make necessary changes in their lives to come unto Christ. They kept beating around the bush, and arguing, until finally I interrupted them in their arguing and did what we call a 'throw down'. (That is when Hermana Wright has had enough.) I told them why we were there, and exactly what we expected them to do and asked them if they were interested. It got really quiet and everyone was kind of staring at me for a little bit. Norma finally said no and that she told all of the missionaries that she
wasn't interested but they kept coming over. Her brother said he wasn't really sure. So after that lesson we decide to stop visiting them. But then guess what, Armando came to church yesterday!!!! What?

Other highlights: Hermana Jackson and I sang in church yesterday. We sang Asombro me Da ('I Stand All Amazed.')  Everyone cried! It was so cool and the spirit was so strong! We did the last verse A Capella. It was one of the coolest experiences! I also spoke in church with Hermana Frost and Elder Nickel. I chose to speak on the sacrament.

It was a really good week!!!!! I love missionary work! Have a great week!!!

Love,  Hermana Wright

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