Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Rebecca's take over RIALTO!!! Week 2

Hola familia y amigos!!!                                                                                    March 30, 2015

Did I tell you all that my companion's name is Rebecca as well!!!! Twinners!!! Well this week has been both awesome and hard....but I am excited to share my experiences!

First this week's moments:

Best Lesson

I taught Itzel for the first time last Monday and it was AWeSOME!!!! She has some addictions....rough ones that she has been trying to work through. But, I so admire her for her desires. I felt inspired to talk about the power of the Book of Mormon with her. In sacrament meeting, we had a great talk about strengthening ourselves against temptation. The speaker brought out a match and told the other speaker to try and break it....he did it with ease. Then he pulled out a bunch of matches....and the boy couldn't break it. It's about doing as many things as we can to stay strong. I promised her that while she had a hard time keeping all of the commandments, that if she could start obeying the little ones she could add matches to her stack and be able to break her addictions when she had and utilized the right tools. 

Tender Mercy moment: one night that our entire appointments fell through we decided to go visit a member, Hermana Rincon...we went in and talked and she finally asked "why did you guys come over?" And we told her we had been in the area. She started to break down and tell us about how she was having a really hard time that day and we had answered her prayers. It was really awesome!

Weirdest moment: we had a guy stop us in the library and tell us that we were in the wrong church and that we should remember that Jesus Christ is on our name tags....he told us to do it (change to the right church) for Him. I decided it was best to keep my mouth shut.....

Noche de Hogar (FHE) with the ward.
 Elder Gore and the little Martinez girl
Language moment: Yesterday I finally taught a whole part of the lesson! Usually the people talk so fast that it's just easier for H. Jimenez to teach it. But, this time I insisted that she give me a part. It was really good I think. She likes having me teach the more important parts of the lesson because people listen more attentively when the person butchers their language :) but, hey, whatever gets people to feel the spirit!

Exciting Moment--- we found out at mission conference that we may be getting I-Pads!!! woohoo...but the exciting part is that they are having us take them home with us after our missions are over....not sure why....but I am psyched. 

I don't have much time..... but I want to share a spiritual thought

As this week is Easter...it is fitting that my message is centered on Christ. This week we had the wonderful opportunity to have a Mission Conference with a general authority (Elder Neilson of the 70---he will be speaking in a Sunday Session). He introduced to us the video 'Because He Lives.'  PLEASE GO wATch iT!!!! AnD sHARE IT!!!!! The power of the Atonement is real. Christ's atonement not only offers us the chance to change, but also the chance to have hope and happiness. Remember the talk by Elder Bednar.....it's about the load. He gives us trials because he wants us to grow. And while those trials are hard....Christ is the one who stands with us and eases our burden! I am so grateful for His sacrifice! Please make the effort, your whole life....but especially this week, to remember Him.....to learn of Him. GO WATch ThAt vIDEo!!!!!!!!!! 


I love you all! I wish I could write more experiences!!!!! 

Hermana Wright

Monday, March 23, 2015

First Week in the Redlands California Mission

Hola Familia:                                                                                                  March 23, 2015

It is so weird typing on a keyboard that doesn't have accents and nyays.......hopefully my spelling will greatly improve....but I doubt it. I have officially gone on strike with apostrophes. They were too hard to find on the Mexican keyboards.....but the CCM has changed me when it comes to correct grammar

So my first area is...............DRUM ROLL..............Rialto. I love it here! I was so excited to go to a place that is basically a smaller, safer version of Mexico! It has been an interesting first week. Kind of feels like the first day in the CCM. It's like drinking out of a fire hydrant....you get a little water, but it mostly just hurts your face. There has been a lot of meeting and smiling and nodding..... especially when people speak Spanish, because I have come to the great realization that at the CCM they enunciate and slow down. 

My First Companion....Sister Jimenez 
My companion is Hermana Jimenez....she is from New Jersey....and yes people, she is fluent. This is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because she can make me fluent. She also can correct me when I say something in lessons that is false doctrine, and she can translate for me when I have NO CLUE what's happening. Curse---it's a little intimidating to have someone that is bilingual with you. And she speaks English really well.....and she naturally just speaks English all the time. So it's really easy to speak in English......EVERYONE and their dog speaks English here.....so it makes me worried that I won't be able to learn the language. But, I know I will! 

Just arrived in California.
This is Sister & President Van Cott.

My goal for this transfer------fluent and tan....as well as 4 baptisms. 

Speaking of baptisms.... meet my investigators.
We don't have too many...but hey more opportunities for finding!!!! 

We have Crystal-- English Speaking, and we are still not sure if she will continue taking the lessons...she is mentally handicapped....but mostly still there. But, when we teach her it's really hard for her to understand.

The Ocampo's---they are on date for baptism in April. They have 4 kids and they are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! Mario, Jose, Cesar, and Jonny! Only 3 of them are getting baptized, but I am WAY psyched! They are such great kids! 

Karen and Lupis---DEFINITELY fluent in Spanish.....and they are talkers....the worst part is that they talk over each other....which is  really hard for someone who has a hard time understanding anyway. Whenever we come out from their lessons I always feel really bad about myself....but oh well. 
 Oh....the Ocampo boys are English speaking as well..... which doesn't make me as stressed for their lessons. 

We taught a lot of Less Active Member Lessons and Active Member lessons this week. We only have 1 ward here....and we only get like a third of the members. So, Hermana Jimenez has been helping me get to know them all. 

One of my very favorites is Hortencia! She is so awesome! She is paralyzed and always in a lot of pain. She is taking the Temple class lessons, and hopefully will get to take out her endowments soon! 

As far as Spanish is concerned....I need to do a lot more work! I have made all these goals to only speak Spanish...but it is SO SO SO easy to speak in English. But, mark my words....I will be fluent or at least close to in 5 weeks!!!!!!!!! They say my accent is pretty good....now I just need the words to go with it. 

This is Sister Sanford, a fellow missionary from South Jordan.
One of my favorite lessons we taught this week was with Hortencia....she is going through a hard time right now and we shared with her the 'Refiners Fire' Mormon message. Afterwards I shared with her (and two other neighbor girls that were there) the story of the Currant Bush. I bore my testimony about how God knows us, and he knows what he wants us to be! Of course this was all in English...so it was nice to be able to express myself freely. 

Usually everyone here just speaks English, but in their houses they assume you are fluent. When they ask about my Spanish I tell them 'un pocito' (or a little) and then they try to speak in English....but I tell them to speak in Spanish and that I will try to get as much as I can! 


Funniest moment---Wish I had a picture of it, but as missionaries we are supposed to have the companion back us out of the parking spots...and I have a really hard time remembering to do that (I can't drive here yet, because I am a trainee). So Hermana Jimenez put a sign on the Dashboard that says, in really big letters, BACK ME. 

Loving Moment--- (I will come up with a better name later) A sister in the ward was in charge of feeding us on Thursday, but she texted and said she had a busy day and would just drop it off. She called us later and said her son had been in an accident at school and was at the hospital; she apologized and said she was coming later to bring us food. We met her at our house and she was so apologetic and started crying. It was a testament to me that these people are quite possibly the sweetest, most humble people I have ever been around. They truly have big hearts and serving is their second nature. We consoled her for a little bit (well I did because Hermana Jimenez doesn't know what to do when people cry---she keeps saying that). Such a SWEET lady! I love these people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tender Mercy--- This is more of a compilation of many tender mercies....most having to do with Spanish....since that seems to be my weak point. I kind of always feel down about the language....but He knows when to give me confidence-building experiences. When we met with Hortencia, I said the closing prayer in Spanish because they wanted to hear me. They kept raving on and on about my accent and how I was going to be just fine! Then on Sunday we had some other sisters come over (one of them was Sister West---FROM THE MTC!!!! We were so excited to see someone familiar) and we role played the Restoration lesson. Sister Jimenez was smiling the whole way through; she told me later it was because she didn't know I knew that much Spanish :) It made me feel better. 
My new home...
Our front door.

Spiritual Moment--- One of those other sisters that came over on Sunday was Hermana Stuber...from Bountiful (look her up, she gets home in 3 months ish. She says she knew a Cameron Wright). She shared a really cool scripture with Sister West (her companion) and me about the Gift of Tongues. It's in Moses 6:31-36. It's about Enoch and his ability to speak well. But, it was a good reminder to me that the Lord doesn't care if we are eloquent in what we say. When we follow the spirit and open our mouths, it doesn't matter if everything comes out jumbled, because what we say will touch their hearts and will be what they need to hear. It really helped. 

Painful moment--- We went to Hermano Toris' house for Saturday night dinner. It was an awesome meal....but he told me if I wanted to be fluent, he could give me a dulce that would make me fluent. I came back to my plate and he had put a Habanero pepper on my plate......anything THAT orange should not be eaten. I knew it would be hot....but I decided I wanted a little. He cut me and Hermana Jimenez little pieces. I think they were too small and so it was fine. But, to prove his point he gave us bigger slices....of course I had to take the one with all the seeds! It entered my mouth and without touching any surface made my whole mouth catch fire INSTANTLY!!!!!!! I was crying within 7 seconds....when I swallowed it burned all the way down.....and didn't go away for about 3 hours. Needless to say....it was a rough night :) But, hey....I am fluent (just kidding....but I would eat a whole one of those a day if it made me fluent). 

I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! They are so so so so so awesome!!!!!!!! Thank you for your great letters. and thank you for the Greenie Package!!!....and my bedding of course :) it was like Christmas!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Wright

Oh, PS.  Sunday was good....I was supposed to get up and bear my testimony but the bishop forgot I guess. But don't worry! Viernes es Noche de Hogar, y yo will have the opportunity to say a little bit of the lesson....WHOO HOOO!!!!!!!
Love you!
Thank you for your prayers!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Last Week at the Mexico MTC

Dear familia & friends.

I LOVE reading  all your emails!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so very much!  Let's start off with this week's Moments-----

Most Interesting----- We started playing fútbol this week with the Latinas. They are so so so sweet! I have to say though, I expected them to be much better....... But, while we were playing, I totally took out one of the Latinas. Not really, she tripped all on her own......she kind of did the splits and then landed on her knee. I felt so bad, mainly because it looked like I had done something. The worst part, we were at dinner that night and I apologized again.....and she was like, I don't even recognize you! WHAT?!?!?!?

Language Moment---- We had TALL (computer language study) Assessments this week and our good friend Hermano Candia was our teacher supervisor. He is HILARIOUS. I asked him to tell us some jokes that we could say as missionaries to get the Mexicans to laugh (with us or at us....es lo mismo :)). He didn't understand, so he just started telling us jokes in English. The joke in English was SUPPOSED to go as follows: There was this man who had a problem with over-exaggerating. One day he went to a Pharmacy to buy some pills for his problem, and when he got there the pharmacist asked him how many pills. The man said.....1 Million.  (Even in good English it's not that funny.) But, instead of telling us the man went to a pharmacy, he told us the man went to a farm....to get peels (because they pronounce there i´s as ee´s). IT WAS SO CONFUSING.....until we finally understood what he was trying to say. 

Spiritual Moment----- In the Sunday devotional, the MTC Director (Sean Cates) spoke....it was awesome!!! He shared some really cool stories but the overall message to me was STAY ON TARGET! He applied it to missionaries, but it really applies to everyone! We need to keep our eternal perspective....remember WHY we are here and WHAT the purpose of this life is. It doesn't matter how hard it gets....you stick with it until it sticks to you!!!!!!! If something in your life is hard, then this is an opportunity to demonstrate our love and faith to Him. Remember that Faith is always exercised in the PRESENT but always looks to the FUTURE! He also shared this poem:
´´Come to the edge, he said. No! We will fall!...Come to the edge. No! We will fall....Come to the edge and so we came. He pushed us off....and we flew! 
Remember that HE knows! He knows how far to push us! He knows what He wants us to be!!!!!! He knows that in order for us to grow....he needs to cut us down a little. Remember that HE is the gardener here....not you or me or any of us. Put your life in HIS hands!!!!!!

That´s it. For everyone's info....I leave tomorrow morning at 2:30 and our flight leaves at 6. We fly from here to AZ and then on to Ontario. Woohoo!!!!! Thank you for all your prayers!

Wednesday--Started playing soccer with the Latinas....it is so much fun and they are so so so sweet! (This is the picture of all of us on our last Sunday. The Latinas all left yesterday) We didn't get to teach in TRC because there weren't enough volunteers. So instead Hermana Jackson and I pretended to be investigators to another District in our Zone. It was fun!

Thursday--We had TALL assessments. It's mostly speaking. The only problem is that you only get one shot to record stuff, and so the funny story of the night was when Hermana Buttars introduced herself in her recording as Hermana Bess. No big deal, but our President has access to these so he can know how we are doing with our Spanish. :) hahaha

Friday--We started putting the lessons to Disney songs....today´s was 'A Whole New World' and we sang about the Plan of Salvation! It was awesome!!!! Today was the weird day where we had meetings....literally all day!!!! But, the meetings made me so so so excited!!!! 

Saturday---- No Sé

Goodbye to the elders in  5B
Sunday---the beginnings of the goodbyes. The hardest part was saying goodbye to Elder Cardon and Castagna who left today (Monday). We definitely sobbed for a little bit! I love those guys!!!! In sacrament meeting I played the piano for Elder Johnson (from 5C) while he sang Savior Redeemer. He did great....I had only practiced it for a day, so it was a little rough....but it was still great. I also played piano for the devotional....which was super fun. The piano is on the stage but in a dark corner...so there is a lamp you turn on so you can see. But for the closing him, the lamp shorted out, and I had to start the song and could barely see. Thankfully a worker recognized my problem and fixed it by the chorus. I guess that is sometimes like life.....the Lord expects us to take one uncomfortable step into the darkness so that we can find the light and peace we need and want. 

Girls in our Casa
Monday---It has been a really sad day. We said goodbye to 6 girls from our casa already and then to our teachers......AHHH I can't believe this is happening. I am a ball of emotions!!!! But, tomorrow will be great....and I can't wait to see what this next week will bring me!

Wish me luck!!!! I love all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Wright

Our District with Hermano Trejo, our instructor.

I love Hermana Lira

Our Fabulous District  5B

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

¡Hola Familia y Amigos!

First things first....thank you for all of your support! I feel such a great spirit every day and I think you guys have a lot to do with that. Second things next..... I leave the CCM on this upcoming Tuesday, but I will have the opportunity to email on Monday since it will be a whole week until my next PDay. So make sure if you want to contact me before I leave to do so before Monday...I usually read emails in the morning and reply in the early afternoon.....so if you send an email anytime during the day I will probably get it! 

Moments for this week (Sorry they are short):

Language Moment/Funniest Moment

Hermana Bess and Hermana Buttars were teaching me this week as my Investigator profile....they taught me a great lesson about Prophets and Jesus Christ. However, Hermana Bess mixed up the words matar and murir (to kill and to die). In the process of telling me about how the Great Apostasy came about, she told me the Jesus Christ killed his apostles :) We laughed pretty hard!


We were all soaked from the rainstorm.
Most Exciting: 

The most exciting moment happened yesterday when we had the COOLEST rainstorm...and I mean storm. We were eating in the Comedor and it started to POUR! People on sitting close to the edges of the Pavilion had to scoot in because the rain was hitting the roofs of the nearby buildings and ricocheting (No sé on the spelling) on to everyone. We tried to capture the moment......but alas the pictures are not worth 1000 palabras...only about cinco. 

Most Spiritual

In our district meetings we talk a lot about Faith and how important it is. We talked about how the analogy in Ether that talks about how faith is an anchor to the souls of men. I had a really cool thought...that if faith is our anchor then the rock that we should throw our anchor into is Jesus Christ...who is the Rock of our Salvation. As far as boats are concerned....the anchor in no way stops the storms that occur around the boat...and sometimes it seems like the anchor may be what is causing the boat to bend and break and turn unexpectedly....but as soon as we sever that line between us and HIM things get infinitely harder. We need to anchor ourselves to him, the storms will always come. I feel like people often mistake anchoring ourselves in Christ as meaning that hard times and storms won't affect us....FALSE! They do!!!!!! But it's through him that we can have ESPERANZA (hope) that in the morning the storm will have passed and we will still be safe!  

This week in a nut shell....a super-d-duper small nutshell....mainly because I remember little. Hence the title....

Monday-- Realized it was Marzo already....and freaked out inside. Made some great goals to help myself be happier and more confident. Metas (goals) work people!!!!! We had a GREAT lesson with Paulina....can't remember if I already told about it. But, we were trying to get her to commit to baptism and after being rejected a couple of times we 'put our foot down'....figuratively of course. She confided in us that her family wasn't happy with her decision to meet with us, and they would not want her to be baptized.  We read with her 1 Nephi:2 and talked about the story of Lehi and his family needing to flee from Jerusalem. Most of the family was on board except for Laman and Lemuel....but, at the end of the chapter and in chapter 3 it talks about that through their sacrifices God prepares a way. We told her that we knew it was a hard decision to make...just like Lehi and Nephi felt when they chose to follow God's will.....but that God would provide a way for her to maintain good relations with her family as well as follow Gods will and be baptized. 

Tuesday-- I am still not sure if I actually lived this day.....my journal entry is quite vague. Sorry mom :) 

Wednesday-- WE LOVE HERMANA LIRA!!!!!! She is by far the coolest teacher here and probably anywhere! Hermana Bess and Hermana Buttars shared a cool scripture with me in our lesson with me as an investigator..... It is so cool that through the Holy Ghost, God answers our prayers-- even when we are pretending to be an Investigator. It was a cool experience!

Thursday-- We taught Miranda (Hermana Buttars) and it went really well. We talked about having a desire to learn more about the Gospel and Christ. Hermana Buttars gave me some really helpful positive feedback which I really needed. Then we taught Hermano Trejo and he also gave me some really awesome feedback! 

Friday---Played soccer during gym time and it was lots of fun....man am I out of shape. They have cage soccer here which is super fun, but also super tiring. Had a cool thought that I put in my journal.....Whenever I think about the length of my mission and how it seems so long, I remember Christ-- and his 33 year long earthly mission. How long did His mission feel especially while he hung on the cross....or the night before when he took upon him every sadness and guilt....or the day of His crucifixion when the whole day the crowds mocked and scorned and disrespected him. This man gave His life for me....for you....and for all of us! For this I owe him EVERYTHING! Everything I am, everything I have, and every minute I live. 

It's always a good reminder that this church is not centered around Thomas S Monson, or the Book of Mormon, or Joseph Smith. All of these are crucial but NOT CENTRAL! Only HE is central! When we center ourselves around Christ it doesn't matter what the world is doing, or if a parent or friend leaves the church, or if someone offends you in your ward.....CENTER YOURSELF AROUND CHRIST! Learn of Him and gain a testimony of his Infinite Atonement....that is what this church is about! How can anyone say we aren't Christian when that is what we teach people! PLEASE do not take for granted the gift He has given us. He has given us the opportunity to strive to be better! Without him this life wouldn't be about becoming....He asks us to try our hardest! In Brad Wilcox's ´His Grace Is Sufficient´ he gives the analogy about a mother paying for piano lessons. When the child practices, it doesn't pay the mom back.....the practicing is the way the child shows appreciation for the opportunity to learn to play the piano. The same is true with the Atonement.....there is no way we can pay Him back....but when we strive to do our best we show our appreciation for the price he payed. PLEASE use the Atonement!!!! Please center your life around Christ!!!! Hard times are coming....and we need all the anchoring we can get!!!!!

Saturday / Sunday----Another one of those blurrs.....

Monday--We had our pictures taken for the goodbye video.....kind of a mixed feeling day. Hermana Jackson had a migraine so I got to nap and catch up on my reading! Hermana Collette (Michelle) & I took pictures together since she left early this morning....and only 30 minutes later a huge storm hit us! IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers!!!! I love you all, and I LOVE hearing about your lives! We all need your prayers here! I hope you all have a great week! 
H Wright

P.S.   Shout out to my CUTE nieces and nephews that I LOVE!!!!! I hope you guys will do your best to study the scriptures every day!!! And because missionary work is all about invitations....I invite you all to read the Book of Mormon (if you can) by yourself every day! And do your best to finish it by the time I get back!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Starting Week #5--Off to a great start!

This week has been infinitely better....because hey.....I am healthy again and things are much much better!!!!  And later, if you are paying attention, you will find out what happened. But first-------drum roll---------- Moments of the week

Funniest Moment
So our toilets explode now......its common knowledge that if you dont want to take a shower in our classroom building....you shouldn't use stalls 1 or 5. Once upon a time my companion and I were in the bathroom (she was in 5 and I was in 6)....I felt some odd splattering. Hma Jackson started screaming as a river, no joke, a river started coming from under the stall. HILARIOUS. Some latinas from our building were in there too and we were all laughing hysterically!!!!!!!! 
Hma Bess and I placed our first Book of Mormon...to a real person. We were doing some language study outside with our District and we were practicing a ´bus stop run-in´....where we walk up to someone waiting for their bus and generate a conversation and relationship out of thin air...no big deal. After we had practiced several times on our teachers.....Hmo Trejo said, "now give this to that worker over there".....and we did it. Bore my testimony....listened.....or at least tried to. THEY SPEAK SO FAST....and they don't enunciate very well...but we did it! 
Also, if you can't tell, my grammer and spelling are HORRIBLE. I consider this an accomplishment, because I would like to think it is a witness that my brain has switched over to Spanish mode. Yesterday in class Hma Lira had us share some experiences and I could not remember the english word for ´capítulo´ in english.......it was most defintily and accomplishment. However,....even back when i was speaking english 24/7 I STILL didnt know how to spell definitly....so will somebody please enlighten me.....it takes a good 5 minutes for me to get it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We´ve also done 2 English 'fasts' already (no English allowed)...hence the ´solo español´ on my tag.


The tan line shows up a lot better in real life...
Got a pretty sweet Missionary foot tan line already....

Spiritual Moment(s):
As many of you may have gathered....last week was kind of rough week for me. I won't go into details....but it was rough. And this week the Lord knew EXACTLY what I needed. Like it says in Mosiah 24:15, He didn't take away my burdens, ´but the burdens ...were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.´ Tuesday night, devotional night, I was feeling really sick and decided to lay aside my pride and ask for a priesthood blessing from the Elders. They had been offering all day....and so before the devotional we all met in our salon for my blessing. I asked Elder Castagna to give me the blessing (short one with glasses), and it was his VERY FIRST blessing. In it he said something like ´the sickness will pass, and your HF wants you to know that you will have the spirit as a companion as you teach´´ Sounds super simple right........WRONG......that had been bothering me all week. I felt like I wasnt teaching with the spirit and that for some reason I wasn't able to have the spirit. It was a very special experience to have. 

Then on Sunday we had another Devotional where we listened to a discurso from Elder Bednar....he said some VERY powerful stuff! My favorite part was when he talked about the Missionaries getting out of the way. The point of a mission is for us to be ´´Windows to His love, doorways to the truth, and bearers of the message...´´ as the song says. In his talk he said WE ARE NOT THE LIGHT....we are the glass!!! So get out of the Way!!!! 

That's it for the Moments....but this week was really good...another whirlwind. I finally understand the phrase ´days go by like weeks, and weeks go by like days´. Sometimes we can hardly comprehend that is is already Pday again!!! And then other days we can't believe its only 9:30 in the morning!!! The week in quick review goes like this---

Tuesday - devotional, but the area authority was sick, so we ended up watching Meet the Mormons...again. We watched it our first Sunday here (they do movie nights on Sunday nights.....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!) 

Wednesday----Still sick, but made it through. Had TRC....where we talked to 2 older ladies. One lady talked SO SO SO FAST and she talked for probably a combined 20 minutes....which is about how long we should be in there. In the end Hma Jackson asked if she had doubts (not a fan of this question, because you never know what youre going to get). She said, ´yeah, we know that when we die we return to live in Heaven with God, but what happens to the animals.´ We were both dumbfounded.....I gave her my honest answer which was i dont know....I told her what Dad said about how heaven wouldnt be heaven if we didnt have Gus with us.....and we laughed....and then quickly changed the subject back to prayer. We do not know enough spanish to be answering those kinds of questions!!!!!
Afterwards we welcomed the new-bys, and got a new district!!!!!!!!! Our Zone is complete 5A, 5B, 5C.

Houses all built right in to the hill.
This picture is taken from the MTC.

Thursday--- This day was a little rough, mainly because Hma Lira wasnt here for afternoon class....which is seriously EVERYONES favorite part of the day. 

Friday---Not sure what happened....haha.....

Saturday---We didnt have to prepare talks for Sunday because it was Fast Sunday. And I was so excited for the opportunity to fast. It was perfect timing because I needed some serious strength! 

Sunday----Awesome day....a little rough towards the end, but I ABSOLUTLY LOVED Elder Bednars devotional about Preach My Gospel missionaries. 

Monday----taught an awesome lesson to Paulina where we read 1Nephi 2 and helped her feel good about being ´baptized´. I felt SUPER awesome about it, the spirit was so strong. This week was the week we started teaching each other. We all came up with investigator stories and we will have the opportunity to teach each other. I have already been taught and we teach our first new investigator on Wednesday. Everyday we teach Omar or Paulina and get taught or be taught by our District.  Except tomorrow....is TRC...so Hma Jackson and I will teach Omar, a new investigator, and 2 lessons in TRC!!!!!!!! AHH I guess its just a taste of the real missionary world. 

SOO excited for this week! It will be awesome...and you know what I realized.....even its not awesome, MAKE it awesome. Instead of praying for a good day, try praying for the strength and help to MAKE it a good day! Dont forget to read your scriptures and pray...FEAST FEAST FEAST!!!!! Love you all!!!!!!    H. Wright 
Our newly decorated door.