Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This letter might be underwhelming because I am sick right now.....but I am writing nonetheless.....that is just how much I love you guys! I cannot put into words how grateful I am for your many prayers....I have felt them, and I am indescribably grateful for them! 

Because every day here is quite literally the same......I will just give you this week's moments....and then some highlights.


 Most Exciting Moment: We had the AWESOME opportunity to welcome the new transfer of missionaries....even though we were supposed to get a new district we didn't. So it has been interesting. 
Language Moments
I so wish that this was going to be spiritual, but it is too funny to not share. Our maestro, Hmo Trejo, had us teach him (as Omar) and at the end of the other Hermanas lesson, he gave them some interesting advice, to say the least. He had watched a video of Elder Holland saying to use more thought-provoking elements. Knowing little English, his first piece of advice to them was to use more provocative elements.....HAHAHA....we all laughed pretty hard, including Hermano Trejo. 

Another---He always replaces what with who..... Who is the importance of the Holy Ghost?

Last one--- This week we had some coaching from our teachers.....like we do every day. One teacher, Hermano Hurtado, was helping Hma Jackson and I with language study...and promised us (in writing) that by July we would be fluent in Spanish. We are most definitely holding him to that. 
Spiritual Moment--
Watched a video in class about the Restauración....at the end Hermana Lira told us.....One prayer changed the world...so one prayer can change an investigators life. 

 We also learn a lesson together as a class each week, and they try to help us find the central message in each. The Restoration was last week, the essential message : REVELATION. This week was the Plan of Salvation, the essential message: EXPIACIÓN. They had us teach the whole Plan of Salvation in 2 minutes and then in 1 minute...they wanted to get across the point....KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!
I also finished the Book of Mormon....did my best to do it before I left....but oh well. I LOVE MORONI 10! It's a great chapter for anyone wanting to know this church is true. I would also recommend reading 1Nephi through Moroni 10 if you want to know the Book of Mormon is true....just sayin'! 


Taught Paulina (Hma Lira\Mariana) 3 times and Omar (Hmo Trejo) 3 times 

TRC....super scary, but we taught 2 lessons about Gods love for us and Prayer
Then we got to welcome the newcomers......I was in charge of weighing and measuring the foreign bound missionaries. 

 Overall this week has been pretty good! Its definitely had its ups, and most definitely had its downs.....but I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my God! He can help us get through ANYTHING....I am evidence of that! I am evidence that he can CHANGE lives! My job is found in this awesome quote  by Thomas S. Monson " Who will man the life boats, leaving behind the comforts of home and family to rescue???" 
Another quote from this week.... the context was someone talking about how pointless missionary work is because "leopards can't change their spots"...to which the man said "I work with men, not leopards, and men change EVERYDAY!!!" so, NEVER give up on anyone....everyone is worth it!!!!! And, everyone CHANGES!!!! Someone who might not have accepted the gospel yesterday....may find they need the gospel today!!!!
I love you all! Thank you for your uplifting emails!                           

Love H Wright

Tuesday, February 17, 2015



This week has been AWESOME!!!! First I will start off with this weeks "moments"----

Our district 5B classroom
Language Moment: This week Hno Trejo taught us from Mormon and we talked about "perserverar hasta el fin" or enduring to the end. We talked about the big difference between this phrase in Spanish and English....and we determined that in Spanish perseverar (or to persevere) encompasses the definition of "enduring well" in one word. I love the idea that part of the doctrine of Christ is persevering....not just enduring to the end.....persevering!

Happiest Moment: This week we started the District tradition of singing....we sang for a whole hour out of the hymn book. We sounded pretty good, considering some people had no clue if they were even hitting the right notes :) I LOVE MY DISTRICT!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Cinco B!!!

Funniest Moment: Elder Cardon....nuff said... that elder is HILARIOUS!!!! We have started an official quote page of everything he says that is funny. He has a little Nebraskan Drawl....so just about everything he says in English or Spanish is hilarious!!!!!!!!!! 

Embarrassing Moment: Good thing I am confident enough to share this kind of material with you all....but on a windy night....it was pretty stormy this week.... on the way to the Comedor (cafeteria) my polka dot skirt may or may not have done a ´Marilyn Monroe' kind of thing....it was super fun...not! Oh well, we laughed it off---and then cried it off (just kidding!). 

Spiritual Moments: I have a few really awesome spiritual moments this week. We had some AWESOME devotionals. On Sunday we watched a devotional by Elder Bednar. He talked a lot about the ´character of Christ´, really getting to know him. He told us to get a new Book of Mormon and go through it highlighting everything about Christ´s character. One cool thing was Christ´s selflessness. This attribute was most applicable to me and all missionaries and all people really. We just talked about how our natural tendency as humans is to turn inward when we are having a rough time....but that is not what Christ does. Whenever Christ went through hard times, he turned OUTWARD!!! So, whenever you want to turn in, remember that the Savior of the world-- one who has gone through what no one should have to-- for us--turned outward as should we!

Another spiritual moment this week was watching a great video in class....I would encourage everyone to look it up on YouTube, its called Missionary Work and the Atonement. In the video Elder Holland says, "Whenever you ask yourself, why is this so hard, because salvation is not a cheap experience...it never was easy. Why would we think it would be easy for us if it was NEVER easy for him." It helped me learn that I need to be prepared to walk a bit of the path he walked, and to come unto Christ, I need to be willing to pay a token (however small) of the same price. So remember.... Whenever things get rough...and they will.... and you want to give up...and you ask yourself WHY IS LIFE SO DARN HARD?!?!?, remember that "someone greater and better asked that same question"....a cool image he gave us was the idea that every time we go through a hard trial, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Savior. This is why we have EVERY reason to stand tall!!!! 
2Nephi 2:6-8
Hrm Jackson & Hrm Wright


At the Mexico City Temple
On our way to the temple.
At the Temple Visitors Center - It's Beautiful!
OKEEDOCKEY!!!!!!! This week has been awesome! Today...Pday...we went to the temple and took TONS of pictures! LOVED IT! I can´t say it enough but i love my district.
Thanks for the cookies.
I love hearing from you guys!  Thank you for your letters and packages and pictures!!! Maybe one day I will figure out how to be able to reply EXACTLY how I want to, but I don´t have enough time!!! This next part will be brief because the days kind of all blend together here at the CCM. 

Picking up from last week P-day....went to an awesome devotional! The spirit is so strong everywhere here, it reminds me of being at BYU. 

Wednesday-Monday........ Finished up teaching Mariana....then found out she is our teacher (Hma Lira) for the duration of our CCM experience. We start teaching 2 progressing investigators this week, Omar and Paulina....who happen to also be our teachers (Hma Lira and Hmo Trejo). This week has made me grateful for the opportunity to speak English....it makes things SO much easier!!! We also start TRC this week (Teaching Random Citizens---at least that is what everyone around here calls it...no one actually knows what it stands for). TRC is literally anyone who volunteers to come...so we don´t actually know what to expect...at all....
It looks a lot better in real life, but feels the same.
We played volleyball a few times this week and I have some crazy cool bruises to show for it. I love it here...most of the time. Whenever they have authentic food....its a good day. I have never had such delicious chips in my life ...they are homemade....and they are like drugs they are so good. Also the rice, don´t even get me started on the rice and tortillas, SO GOOD! 

This is mi casa--where I live.
This week has all around been much better than last week. We got a new district in 5C, and 5 A just left this morning so we are now the Big dogs on campus. We supposedly get a huge transfer in tomorrow. 10 WHOLE districts left this week....so its been empty-ish around here. I love you guys! I hope you all have a great week! I have been praying for all of you!!!!!  Hermana Wright
The casa's where the missionaries live.

Our bedroom
Hermana Wright's pillow

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Feb 10, 2015 First Week in the MTC

February 10, 2015
!HOLA mi familia y amigos¡

This week has been a LONG one....pero all the missionaries here tell us to make it through the first week :) Pues I will start at the beginning. For those of you wondering...yes I am already fluent in español. :) haha that is such an overstatement it is funny! This week was a week of many firsts----- I flew out of the country for the first time, I wore a name tag 24 hours a day for the first time, I taught my first 3 discussions without any language lessons for the first time, I gave my first discurso (or talk) solamente en español for the first time, I played the piano in sacrament for the first time......need I say more. This week has been one of the roughest....but also a great opportunity to grow....super cheesy right?? Also, warning, sorry for any spelling errors or grammatical errors, this keyboard is in Spanish. I haven´t taken the time to learn the keys, also I don´t have much time. P-Days are on Tuesday here in the CCM, just for certain zones though. Here we go------------
On the airplane with my travel companion, Sis. Buttars

CCM Bus outside the Mexico Airport.
First Day----I thought for sure I would have a heart attack because I was so nervous to leave.....I won´t lie....I maybe hoped I would have a heart attack too. I wish I could say it got easier once we got to our gate (D7) hence the picture. I was so excited to see so many other missionaries...I don´t know the exact number, but I would say 40 just on our plane, lots more met up with us at the Mexico airport. 5 other hermanas are also going to my same mission and Hermana Buttars (picture on the plane) is my travel buddy both times. The Polynesian guy was also our plane buddy, although I neither remember his name nor remember how to go about saying it. It was an emotional journey, and we joked around the whole plane ride hoping we would be able to understand the plane instructions better on the way to California in 6 weeks (March 17th). We arrived here in beautiful Mexico with TONS of missionaries and rode our CCM school buses to the CCM. I am shocked we made it here alive. Our driver had to wait an extra 10 minutes because they CCM representatives said he was a fast driver. BOY WAS THAT TRUE!!!! It was so cool to see one of our ONLY glimpses of the City!!! In four weeks we will take a trip to the Temple (even though it is closed for renovations) so we will just visit the Visitor´s Center. 

Our stack of language books and my missionary nametag!
We got here and received a packet with our schedule, name tags, and extra information....and then they sent us off. We had NO CLUE what we were doing. We were confident we would receive instruction in the morning----- NOPE! We have barely received ANY instruction, but we have learned from the older missionaries who have suffered just like us :) Mi compañera es Hermana Jackson, and we share a casa with the rest of the Hermanas (20ish girls). Hermana Jackson and I are in District Cinco B (5B for all you who don´t speak Spanish ). There are 7 of us... 4 hermanas and 3 elders. Our District is Hermana Buttars & Hermana Bess, me & Hermana Jackson, Elder Bentall & Elder Cardon--who was made our District leader-- and Elder Castagna. We have a blast!!!!!!!!!! 

Segundo Dia----------- Kind of a blur, but we got some orientation and met our Zone---Zone cinco. Our Zone is 3 districts, including ours, 5A, 5B, y 5C. 5C just left this morning to go out in the field, 5B leaves next week, making us the old ones in just 2 short weeks. Every time a district leaves, the new transfers fill up the old district. Our teacher for some general language study and gospel study is Hermano Trejo. He is hilarious and has been very patient with us. The CCM is all about IMMERSION..... Barely any Latinas speak even a little English....except for the teachers. It makes me feel better because they struggle with English sometimes as much as we struggle with Spanish. Here EVERYONE says ¡Hola Hermanas! or ¡Buenos Dias! ...it is so awesome. 

District 5B:  Front-H Wright (me), H Jackson, H Bess, H Buttars
Back - H Cardon, H Castagna, H Bentall
3rd day----------------- Whew! This day was probably the roughest of them all. We taught Mariana, our first investigator....with lots of Spanish translated notes taken from our MANY books, none of which we have actually been taught out of. We learned how to say prayers after many were called on at random in our orientation meetings. Overall....a kind of stressful day. Our lesson went pretty well and Mariana is such a sweet patient investigator (fake investigator....I think). Mariana had a baby that died after about a year....so we taught her about God´s love and that she can pray for comfort. 

4th day------------ Spent some of the day with Hermana Vidrio....my favorite maestra yet!!!!! Such a great woman. She taught us how to bear our testimonies and say simple greetings. She also gave us a Book of Mormon lesson. We only made it 4 versiculos, but it was SOOO profound. In 1 Nephi 1:2.... read it.... in English it is not super profound, but HMA V pointed out that in Spanish they use ´idioma´ for  the first language and ´lenguage´ for the second. In English the use of those two words means nothing....but idioma means language as in body language and feelings (referring to the Holy Ghost) while lenguage means specific languages (referring to Egyptian). It adds a WHOLE new meaning to the verse. We taught Mariana about the Plan of Salvation and that all the pruebas (or trials) we go through are for our benefit. 

District 5B at the Mexico MTC
5th day---------  Sunday.....everyone in our Zone said we probably wouldn´t have to give talks, but they always say prepare one anyway....every week. You only find out if you are speaking once you get there and they announce the speakers. I was also playing the hymns that day. They didn't tell me which hymns I was playing until I was sitting at the bench, and then when I sat down they called me up to give a talk. I talked about caridad (charity).....it was mainly from the scriptures and preach my gospel. We also got new Zone leaders since the other ones left today....Elder Bentall y Elder Cardon are the new Zone leaders and Elder Castagna is the new District leader....so all three of our elders have callings...other than the obvious missionary calling. We had a great devotional from Elder Scott (just a video of him), and then we had the weekly movie night and watched Meet the Mormons.

Our district gafetas (nametags) in a tree.
The tree is perfectly rounded, but it's not a mango ;)
6th day------ Monday....we prepared and taught Mariana the Restoration, and because my Spanish translation paper fell on the ground unbeknownst to me....I did it all from my head. We didn't really stick to the plan anyways because I asked if she had any question about what we had already taught her. We spent about 15 minutes answering her questions about receiving answers to her prayers....and then segwayed (I have no clue how to spell that) right into prophets and the Book of Mormon and how they can contain answers to our questions. Overall, the Spanish was terrible, but the message was AWESOME! Hermana Jackson and I have yet to feel bad about a lesson. Because our whole district teaches the same investigator we all talk about our relationships with her. I think she likes us the best. The others have been struggling with teaching her, but we have been doing great for having still learned minimal Spanish from our class. 
7th day------ Today.... it has been great!!!! We are doing laundry and cleaning. Thanks to my wonderful family I got my package (which you can ONLY send to the CCM through the Mexican version of  Dear Elder). 

The Redlands Hermana's
With my companion, Hermana Jackson
I am doing well, I just wanted to share some moments from the week:

Funniest Moment: there were lots of them, but Yesterday another teacher came in when HMO Trejo was teaching us about obscure idioms (we asked about them...it wasn't part of the lesson plan). They asked us about some idioms in English and we told them about ´the kettle calling the pot black´. After we explained what a kettle was, the other hermano´s eyes got big and said that was pretty racist....we laughed SOOOOOO hard! 

Scripture Moment: I was reading in Ether and it talked about how the Jaredites were caught in this trap with the Tower of Babel. The lord takes mercy on them and tells them that he will take them to a Promised land. However, he doesn't tell them where it is or how they will get there, he just says go to this valley and I will meet you there. THAT TAKES EXTREME FAITH! That is what getting on the airplane felt like to me. Lots of experiences in our lives take faith....but if we trust him he WILL meet us in the valley! 

Awkward moment: one of the many things they forgot to tell us was that there are separate gyms for hermanas y elders.....so we just went in the empty gym and started to work out. Some elders came in and were like, is this the hermana gym? we laughed and then awkwardly walked out. 

Of course every moment is an awkward one since the Latinos will try to have a conversation with you.....but you just smile and then they laugh at you.

Most rewarding moment: Coming out of our lessons knowing that we got a point across with knowing minimal level High school Spanish

I love you guys! Thanks for all your letters!!!!!!!!!!! Talk to you next week!!!!