Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy December...

We volunteer here every Thursday & have met
some GREAT people!
November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! And beginning of December. 

Bear with me as I do my best to remember what happened the last week or so.


*We were just told that our transfer dates were pushed back a week so I am August 9th.

*Maria- Doing awesome. I have talked about her a lot. She is so awesome! I love her SOOO much. Really though, we are pretty much like family! I'm not just saying that...I mean it. We have had some really great lessons with her as of late. 2 lessons ago we talked about how the best way for her to help all of the other catholic people in the world is to do temple work. To help those who have already passed on without a knowledge of the gospel.  Yesterday we taught her (in our cars, through the windows because no one was in the church building :)) about faith. We read Alma 32. It was really good and we followed up with our last invitation, which was to pray about the baptismal date to see if it was when she needed to be baptized. She got an answer!!! She said that she felt like it was she is praying to try to convince God to give her more time :). Silly people! We talked extensively about it and she is now going to pray for understanding. It was such a great opportunity to share experiences when I have needed to demonstrate my faith even though I didn't want to, or even when I thought I knew better than God. She is doing great and will continue to progress!

Michelle, teacher at Braille Institute.
Brenda, student at Braille Institute.
*Mariah- Also doing great. She is also struggling with taking the final step of faith to set a date for baptism. We keep praying and fasting for her. It will be soon though, don't worry. 

* This week we gave 2 investigators to the elders. One of them was the library guy ;( sadly, but it will be better anyway.  We are also giving one of our miracle people this week to the Parkview English speaking sisters. It seems we are pretty good at funneling all the investigators to the right missionaries (no sass implied :)).

* MIRACLE-- Last weekend we got out of the car and talked to the very first person we saw, a woman named Sara walking with her son. We talked to her and eventually got her address. We went to go visit her and taught the Restoration, invited her to be baptized and got her a baptismal date of January 9th. WOOHOO! It was pretty cool. 

*We also have a new investigator named Ben (referral from a member). We had a great lesson with Kandyce Torres (who came out with us that night to some lessons). We taught the Restoration. He (Ben) loved it and cried about how he wanted to have more power in his life and how he wanted to leave his past behind. We invited him to be baptized and he said yes!!! So awesome!!! 

*Brendy is doing great! She is a newer investigator that is super awesome! She has the cutest little kid! She is super sincere about everything but a little skeptical. She is so cool! I will probably talk about her next week more. 

*Walking miracles. We always find little miracles when we walk and talk with everyone. Just this past week we were on our way somewhere and I just kept feeling that we needed to be somewhere else. We stopped and prayed and we decided to go to our area called Area 1 (I know...super original, you would think with my mom I would've come up with something more clever...). We walked and stopped to talk to everyone...all very cool people....but wait, there's more. We stopped to talk to this guy that was cleaning his car. We invited him to a Christmas concert. Then I asked him "If you had the opportunity to ask God one question, what would it be?" He said he would ask God why he and his wife can't have kids. Whoa...I had no idea what to say to that..... But, we talked about the Plan of Salvation a little and testified of the power of the Book of Mormon and that it would answer his question. When we went to ask for his name, his last name sounded familiar. So I asked if he knew someone name Brendy, and he said "That's my sister!"....So we found a brother and sister who live in 2 different cities, that both randomly know us and said they would read the Book of Mormon. Pretty cool. 

*Still cleaning out our pool of investigators. We have some people I just cannot let go of!!!! But, we are finding the elect. We are here to harvest the field that is white! Not to plant the field that is brown or cultivate the field that is yellow. 

Thank you family and friends!!! Love you! 

Happiest of Birthdays to my Joshy Poshy and Lyla Lou!!!!!!!!!!! 

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