Monday, November 23, 2015

Miracles happen!

Don't have time to write....

About an hour ago we came in the library to email. We passed a man and I said after we walked by that we should've talked to him. So, we went back to the car to 'get something'.....but really I just wanted a second chance to talk to him. We gave him an invitation to a Christmas concert and a restoration pamphlet with our number on it if he needed anything. We sat down to email and 10 minutes later he came back over and asked if we could explain the pamphlet to him. So we taught him about the restoration. His name is Martin. He is super cool. We have a return appointment for Wednesday.

While we were sitting here, a random lady was sitting behind him listening. Later she came up to me and said, "Can you say a prayer for me right now"....and I was like ....ok.  So, we got her name (Sue) and number and she said she would call us to come over on Saturday!!!! It suffices to say that miracles happen.

Hermana Erickson & I with Nayeli Duarte
I am not getting transferred. Our whole district is staying the same.  I cover the same sisters in Palm Springs except now it is Hermanas White/Hall and Hermanas Ramos/Ipson.

Love you all !!!
Hermana Wright
Thanksgiving Dinner at the Church.

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