Monday, November 2, 2015

Alvaro's Baptism and other Great things!

Had to be home by 6:00pm on Halloween!
Hello family & friends!
Things here in San Jacinto have been relatively the same. It feels different only because we've been listening to Christmas music in the car. Also....we started November-- which is one whole month closer to Christmas!!!!! YEAH!
Interesting/ Highlight Moments:

*I forgot to tell you all, but last week we got the strangest call during Companionship Study. It was the Assistants to the President (AP's). They said "Hey Sister Wright we have your sister training leader assignment..." My heart literally almost came out of me. The first thing I thought was that I had a dream about this a few days earlier. So, turns out the AP's forgot to tell me at transfers that President called me to be a Sister Training Leader over the Palms Springs area. I cover two companionships (one Spanish and one English).  I just get to go on exchanges with those companionships during each transfer.

*This last week we went on exchange with Sister Peterson (been out for 1.5 transfers) and Sister White (been out for a year). Sister White and Sister Erickson stayed in our area and had a great exchange. Sister Erickson was so pumped when I got back. She got a great confidence boost because she was paired with someone who knew less Spanish than her. That is part of the reason I chose for her to stay. Sister Peterson and I had a great chance to talk about the different ways to do missionary work. She has been a little concerned because she has to adjust to all of these new ways to do missionary work. I hope that she got the idea that missionary work simplified is just love. You don't have to have the same approach at every door or with every investigator. If you treat them like a real person then your approach SHOULD be different every time. She is trying too hard to be the best missionary she can be and she is doing such a great job. We had a really great time. 

*Yesterday we found a less active member named Manuela. She has not been seen by anyone from church for almost 7 transfers. We have knocked on her door probably 50 times because the members keep asking what happened to her. A couple of weeks ago the English sisters were walking and Manuela went up to them and told them that the hermana missionaries were looking for her. The sisters told us that she pulled out a wrinkled, signed paper dress that Sister Clarke and I had left on her door in July. She had been carrying it around with her since then. So last night when we knocked and waited she opened. I literally almost cried with joy. We had been walking and a lot of our plans had fallen through. I said, "We should try Manuela...." WOW! It was such a miracle. She is so awesome and we are going to be best friends forever. That is literally what I told her.....:) She is so so so so awesome! 

*On Thursdays we do service at Braille Institute (where blind and partially blind people go and basically take classes to relearn how to do things). We help out in the ceramics art class. I literally Love those people SOOO MUCH! They know us by our first names and they have to recognize us by our voices. My favorite thing is when they do recognize us and they remember who we are. Lots of times they call us "the girls" or the "the Mormon girls". Last week I was helping a woman named Margie (just turned 100). She was having a really hard day and started to cry when I asked how she was doing. She was having some family problems and didn't really want to talk about it. So we went on working on her project. When it was time to go, I told how awesome she was and gave her a hug and she kissed me on the cheek and teared up and said thank you. It really touched my heart! What a sweet lady!!!! I love all of the people there. Hopefully I will have a picture to show you in the next couple of weeks. 

Alvaro & Monchis
 *This last Saturday was Alvaro's baptism!!!!! It was adorable!!! Alvaro is such a cute kid and his brother Lehi (aka Monchis....don't ask about the nick name....that's just what we call him) also got baptized. They are the special needs kids that we have been teaching. When Monchis got baptized and they tried to get him out of the font he kept saying, "wait, wait, wait, let's do it again."  And before they could stop him he went back under and started trying to swim. It was so cute!!!!! Alvaro is such a good kid! He finally smiles back when I smile at him from the stand. 

Baptism of Alvaro & Monchis

*We got to teach Lucas on Saturday because we were in a trio with Sister Romrell (Sister Lewis went to another baptism in Yucaipa). Lucas is the most adorable old man you will ever see. We have been trying to finish the Plan of Salvation with him for the past 7 lessons. But, we run out of time because he asks all of these random unrelated questions. Finally I just told him that he would be able to see his sister again and live with her forever. He paused and told us really sincerely how he liked that and felt good about it. HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!! He couldn't find his regular reading glasses so he had to use his prescription sun glasses to read. :) We wanted to give him a baptismal date goal but he told us he was leaving for Mexico for 3 months. He doesn't know when he's leaving, so hopefully we will figure something out. 

That's it folks. I love all of you! Have a great week! 

Happy Birthday to my dearest Sarah, Olivia & Grandpa Wright, !!!!!!

Love,   Hermana Wright

Ward Halloween Party

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