Monday, December 7, 2015

Almost Christmas

Christmas package from home!!!
Well family and friends, we are starting week 3 of the transfer already. It is almost Christmas and I hope you are making the most of this time of the year to share your testimony of Jesus Christ with others. 

Good news: I am still alive. We actually haven't seen any effects from the terrorist activity in Redlands earlier this week. It was about 1 1/2 hours away from rest assured, we are doing great. 

Also, MARIAH IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!! Her baptism is this Saturday, I am so excited. She is the sweetest and I really do feel like we are best friends. She is AWESOME! The cool part is that if she goes to the temple within the next 30 days after her baptism then we can go with her. She is beyond excited to be able to be baptized for her grandma and other family members. 

Sister Romrell & I in matching coats.
We had some more lessons with Ben...needless to say; he is the most awesome person ever!!!!!!!!! We got to finish the restoration and bear testimony of the Book of Mormon...which is my favorite part. We talked about how it will help him resist temptation. He is so great. He is really sensitive to the spirit. After I was bearing my testimony of the Book of Mormon he talked about how he could feel it, and how it helps him know there is hope because it worked for me and it can work for him. It was really cool. He complimented me how on how I said it with emotion.  He came to a baptism the next morning and the Christmas Concert the stake did that night. IT WAS SUPER AWESOME!!!!  I love Ben....he is so great, and also really prepared. 

One experience that I have been sharing with EVERYONE!!! (especially other investigators) is a lesson we had this week with Maria. We were talking with her and asked her how she has been feeling since we have been coming over? How she feels about the Book of Mormon? She told us that she knows it's true because she feels fed. She feels like it builds up a shield against Satan. She said that she can feel her faith growing. made me so excited! Why? Because I have found someone who feels the same way about the Book of Mormon as I do! WOW!!!!! I have said it before and I will say it again, but the Book of Mormon changes lives, it changed mine! I am so beyond happy and fulfilled to know that it has helped one more person. No, not all of her life problems are solved, and no not every waking moment is filled with happiness and prancing through daisies, but YES her life is better with it. I have been able to share that experience with several other investigators who NEED the power that you can receive from the Book of Mormon, it is REAL! If you are worried that your friends won't accept the gospel or that the neighbors will never speak to you again because you invited them over to eat with the missionaries, think again!!!!! This book is power. You are offering them a chance of a life time. If they take the lessons with the missionaries and really do the things they invite them to do, they WILL feel it!!!!! 
I was able to receive a blessing this week from President Van Cott. It was so personal and so helpful. We talked about some of the things I am struggling with in this area and as a missionary. He helped me feel understood and then gave me some great counsel! It was very much needed. He gave me a priesthood blessing and I knew that Heavenly Father was at my side, and not just then. He has always been at my side, always. He never left. 

*This week I invite you to ponder what you can give Christ for Christmas---an old habit, more time, service....a sacrifice. I know that as soon as we talk about sacrifice something always pops in our heads, but we tend to push it out because we don't want to give it up, or know that it would be hard. I encourage you and invite you to get up the courage this Christmas to repent and be better. That is the whole purpose of Christmas. God has given a practical gift that he would like us to use. What better way to give back to him than to use the gift he has given us, Jesus Christ. Please remember that this Christmas season, the best most valuable gift you can give is the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (Doctrine and Covenants 15:6). 

*I love you all! Please also take some time this week to watch and Share with 5 other people (member or nonmember, but preferably the latter) the new Christmas video, A Savior is Born (or Ha Nacido un Salvador). It is such a powerful tool. Help out your neighbor, your friend, or even the stranger. Let's be what we are meant to be this Christmas, the salt of the Earth, the light that cannot be hid! 

*Tell your missionaries you love them, give them an extra hug, and give them someone to visit or carol to! 

 Love you!
Hermana Wright

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