Monday, November 16, 2015

Temple Trip, Zone Meeting and Good Stuff!

TEMPLE TRIP... It was so great to
go with 3 of my MTC Companions.
The temple was great. It was nice to
have a little quiet time to receive
revelation and to sit and not necessarily
worry about what we needed to do. 

This week was a great week!!!! We had temple trips and Zone Meeting and good stuff!

There are 4 sister companionships in our zone (Palm Desert Stake) Left to right-- Hermana Nichols, Hermana Jimenez (Thermal Sisters), Sister Romrell & Sister Lewis (Parkview Sisters), and us , there is one more companionship that wasn't in the picture Hermana Killpack & Martinez. 

Funny Moment/Language Moment: In Relief Society yesterday they were talking about Missionary Work. The ladies got a little off topic when they started talking about how God protects his missionaries. They started talking about how some missionaries get killed in the field..... Hermana Erickson wasn't listening 100% until that part and she turned to me with panic and said "WAIT, her son died on a mission???" and I just started laughing so hard. You probably had to be there....but it was pretty funny. Also, 2 Sundays ago she was reading from the gospel Principles book for Sunday School. In the book it talked about the 10 tribes of Israel being scattered by a battle (guerra, pronounced ge-rra--as in get). When she read however she pronounced guerra as (gwuerra). That may seem small but she taught some false doctrine. She read that The 10 tribes were scattered by a white girl.... (PS they call us Guerritas in the stores and stuff). HAHAHAHAHAHAH! IT was pretty funny! 
All the Hermana's that went to the temple.
Testimony Moment: This week I learned (from all of my experiences) that God loves us so much. I have been really praying for our investigators Mariah and Maria that they will be able to baptized soon. and that we will be able to help them resolve their concerns. I really do love them so much. My heart hurts when I think about how much I love them. I tell heavenly father that...I tell him that I just want to help them and that I love them so much I want them to be able to feel the happiness that comes from being baptized. The answer I kept getting was, "Don't you know that I love them too?" I 'took' them to the temple with me to seek inspiration and I was told I need to let them work it out. They will get there. 

 Lesson Moment: This week we had a lesson with Maria with our new Branch President (President Jackman). We talked about the Book of Mormon and WHY it's so important in her knowing whether or not she should be baptized. She told us that her appointment got canceled 2 hours before our appointment and she decided she needed to catch up on her reading. She was so in awe at what was happening. She said she knows it is true and that she spent half an hour praying to know what to do. It was definitely a week full of progress for her!!!! We are still praying/fasting that she will be able to receive/recognize her answer!!! 

Veterans Day flags next to our house.

Tender Mercy Moment: This week Sister Erickson and I went to the baptism of someone in our branch. The elders helped a Part member family baptize their 11 year old and 8 year old. We went because we are the only ones that play the piano. So as we were waiting for it to start, two other elders come in that are from the Fontana Stake (we are allowed to go to baptisms of people we taught). So one of them was talking with the elders and all of sudden Elder Juarez pointed at me. The Fontana elder turned around and said, "Did you teach the Ocampo's?" and I said yes, and my heart rate picked up. He said, "We found them and their Mom and Jonny are getting baptized." At that point I almost burst into tears. The Ocampos (Mario, Cesar, and Jose) were my very first converts. They got baptized and soon after stopped coming to church. A transfer after seeing them only a couple times they moved suddenly and we lost all contact with them. No one knew where they were and no one was able to contact them. Every time I see someone serving in Rialto 4th I ask them about the Boys..... I have been praying for them for a long time. As a missionary, things like that really eat at you! I can say that my heart was a little broken when that happened. I cried through the baptism as I thought about this tender mercy. The Boys were found and even better, their little brother and mom now get to join them! I am invited to the Baptism on the 29th of this month. I am so grateful!!!!!! My eyes even tear up a little when I retell the story! WOW!!!!!

At the River Mall on P-day.
Thank you so much everyone for all of your prayers. THEY WORK!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for praying for me and my investigators. THEY WORK!!!!!!!!!!! We are thrusting in our sickle over here, and we are making it a November and December to Remember!!!!
LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!   Hermana Wright

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