Thursday, November 12, 2015

Exchanges, Training & the Power of a Sneeze

Dearest Family and Friends: 

This week was full of eventful things....a few highlights to update you:

* We had to move Mariah's baptism to the 20th....but she is still going strong. She is so prepared it's not even funny. In our last lesson she asked if Hermana Clarke could come back for the baptism. I almost cried.  If you all don't already know....I miss that Hermana a lot. 

 *Did exchanges with the Hermanas in Palm Springs. And Sister Ipson stayed with me in my area. If you have been an avid follower in my blog, that name should ring a bell. Yes I got to be with my dear old Rialto buddy for a day. She is doing great with Hermana Ramos and they are working hard. 

*I went to MLC (Mission Leadership Council). IT WAS AWESOME!!!! Since it was the first time it was a little stressful....but it was so great. We talked about being ON FIRE to share the gospel. We talked about what that would look like and how to become like that. There is a lot more that I could be we all know what that means....repent and be better. So we are working on finding-talking with everyone and asking for referrals 100% 

* We finally got to see the Rodriguez family after 5 billion years. They are so awesome and we taught them the Plan of Salvation. We had come by the night before to have a spontaneous lesson but they couldn't meet with us. They told us how impressed they were with our diligence and never forgetting them. So they set up a time for us to come back the next day. When we got there the Mom had read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and basically taught it to us. We asked them to be baptized, they didn't say yes or no. We are going back on Thursday to follow up though. I love them SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

*When I was on exchanges with Sister Ipson we were walking in this senior citizen apartment complex. We saw a lady cleaning up from the big yard sale they had and we offered to help. Her name is Blanca and she made me feel like I had no muscle. Maybe it's because she could lift the dresser by herself the whole 50ft we carried it without setting it down. But in the end she invited us over to share a video about Jesus Christ the next day. When we went over she said she was busy, but that we could come over on Monday. She said she would bring her other friend too. When we asked for referrals she gave us 3 people right off the was so cool!!!!!!!!! 

*Also today, just now, when we got out of the Grocery store we were walking to the car and I sneezed. Some lady said 'Bless you!' and we started talking to her. Her name was Gloria and she kept telling us how we made her day. It was so if you don't know how to get someone else talking, sneeze and they will say Bless you.....and look at that...they've already started the conversation! 

Well folks.... I wish there was more to share and tell, but that is it. I love you all! Have a great week. This week is Temple Trips...YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Hermana Wright

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