Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One great experience after another...

This week was awesome! I love this place and I love my mission. This week went by like all the others, super fast, but super awesome! 

We got the chance to go to the Stake Missionary Correlation meeting. They wanted us to share our experience about working with Less Actives. He said that in January on average our stake had 18 less active members at church. But that in July our average was 53!!!! In our ward alone we got 23 Less Active members to church last week! SO AMAZING! The people here are so great! That really strengthened my testimony that we are doing what the Lord wants here in the Rancho ward! 

Lake Gregory

Cool experience
*On exchanges this week we went to go contact some people. At one house a man named Jason answered the door (not Julie, the one we were looking for...). We started talking to him about his religious background. He is Christian and then he told us that he receives visions. I asked him what his latest vision was. He said, "I'll show you". He went inside and we all looked at each other confused. He came out and said that one day at church he saw Jesus Christ extending his hands to the congregation. He then unfolded a paper that had..... Get this....the picture we have in all of our church buildings of the second coming (Jesus in white robe with angels surrounding him). We were all in shock. I asked where he got that picture. He said that he had looked online to find exactly what it had looked like and that was the one!!!! SO COOL! So hopefully the sisters get to work with him!!!!! AMAZING experience!
On exchanges with Sisters in Crestline.
They live in a cabin on Lake Gregory.
I went on 2 exchanges this week. So that made things go by really fast. Sister Jackson goes home today so we are all a little emotional. But, she is amazing! I am really grateful to have had her as one of my companions! We have had some really fun and amazing times!!!!!!!!

Pioneer Day hats.
I love my mission! And I love all of you!!!
Hermana Wright
Crestline Ward Pioneer Day Celebration.

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