Monday, July 18, 2016


Last Zone Conf...Me & Hrm Erickson
Hola Familia:

This week was really good! I love this place! I love my mission! Just some quick moments from this week:
-Eric, Kassidy's son (less active) we are working with...who is the coolest and I love her! She keeps her house so clean, we actually call it the Celestial Kingdom. She literally cleans everyday including baseboards!!!! She's an angel! She is going to help me figure out how to get ink out of my skirt.), Erik is getting baptized soon, he is 8. She is really excited and we had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation this week. There is no better way to help people see the importance of baptism than teaching them about the purpose of this life, which is to progress and make covenants. Her husband is not a member, but all of his family is really strong in our ward. In fact, at this point I think he is the only nonmember in all of his family. He is really liking that the kids are changing and we are having them memorize scriptures and recite them to him. His family is praying so hard that he will get baptized!!!

-Hermana Lopez is the cutest!! She is a Less Active as well. Yesterday we had a lesson with her and she told us, "Al verlas, voy a regresar a la iglesia." (Seeing you guys, I am coming back to makes a lot more sense in Spanish....sorry). So awesome!!!!

-Hermana Vera is probably one of my very favorite members. She is Less Active but has come to church the last 3 Sundays in a row! She loves the Book of Mormon and is just hungry to understand. We are re-teaching her the lessons and reading with her to build her faith! She's amazing and has 11 kids, by the way. 

-Hermana Corona dropped us this week. She said she wasn't ready to make a decision yet. That's fine though. Hermana Frost was pretty crushed, but life will move on. We have lots of other cool people!
Hermana's Frost, Wright, Marler
Zone Conference

-We went on exchanges this week, I stayed here with Hermana Frost and Sister Bates (From the mountains). It went really well, it was a little stressful, as always, but it was really good!

Favorite Lesson:
-This week we had an AMAZING lesson with la Familia Lara. We had been wondering if they were really interested. We watched the Restoration with them and then we talked afterwards. They talked about how much they wanted to know which church is true. He was so worried about 'not feeling it' about the Book of Mormon, but with the spirit we helped him see that he WILL receive his answer!
Favorite Study moment:
-I studied a cool talk this week about Teaching doctrine by David A Bednar. A lot of times we teach applications when we should be teaching Doctrine. The doctrine is what motivates the people to act. Doctrines are like the Plan of Salvation , Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Atonement, etc.. Principles are how we apply those doctrines in our lives (ex. Faith, Repentance, and Baptism are all principles and are the only way to apply the Atonement). Applications are like motivating people to read the book of Mormon by offering them a candy at the end of the week.  Applications and Principles are still very important, but remember that "True doctrine understood changes thoughts and behavior more than a study of behavior will change behavior..." (not a direct quote). 

Random Miracle Moment:
- Palaez: This week I have been thinking about this random member family I have never met. We were going to go see them but ran out of time. At ward council a member brought them up and said she thinks they are ready to come back to church!
-Bianeyda: Found this cool former investigators teaching record. She sounded awesome so we went to go see her. Instead we found out she moved, but her sister told us how she just decided to take her kids to a church, before we could even ask, she asked us to come over!!!

That's it for this week!   
Love you all!!!!
Hermana Wright

Zone Conference.
Left to right. Marstella and Bates(Mountains sisters and our STL assignment),
Marler and Anderson (Highland Sisters and our STL Assignment),
Frost, Wright, ___, Dalton and Bates (our roommates),
Stalder and Erickson (Redlands and our STL assignment).
Elders Nickel & Craven serve in our ward and are the only ones whose names I know..


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