Tuesday, July 12, 2016

11 Less Activites at Church - So AMAZING!!

I will keep it short and sweet this week. (It seems like I say that every week).  Basically, I LOVE MY MISSION! 

Yesterday was such a rewarding day. We had 11 Less Actives at church! SO AMAZING! And guess who the sacrament speaker was. Hermana Mendoza! It really was such a sweet experience for me (yes, involving some tears) to hear my recent convert speak in sacrament. She is the only one I've ever been able to watch. I just felt so proud and blessed to know such a wonderful person. 

Also the Elders passed us over a part member family that they had been working with. Cynthia, the daughter, isn't a member. A few weeks ago she said she wouldn't go to Girls camp, but we talked her into it and now she's GOING!!!!! YES! I have full confidence it will change her life and she will get baptized when she comes back! 

Things are going really well. I love my companions; I am in a trio still. We did exchanges this week. I just love helping people! It was really beneficial. 

Funniest Quote:

*One day, in my testimony, I used the word 'Dramastically', and everybody laughed...I actually had no idea that wasn't a word.

* This morning Sister Frost read a scripture that talked about how God stood in the 'midst' of his children (I think she was reading in Abraham), and she went on to tell us how we were all standing in the 'mist' together. Sister Jackson and I shared a secret chuckle! haha 

 Favorite Study Moment:

I just want to share something quick from my studies. It's from True to the Faith:
"A testimony of the plan of salvation can give you hope and purpose as you wrestle with the challenges of life. You can find reassurance in the knowledge that you are a child of God and that you lived in His presence before you were born on the earth. You can find meaning in your present life, knowing that your actions during mortality influence your eternal destiny. With this knowledge, you can base important decisions on eternal truths rather than on the changing circumstances of life. You can continually improve your relationship with family members, rejoicing in the promise that your family can be eternal. You can find joy in your testimony of the Atonement and the Lord’s commandments, ordinances, covenants, and doctrines, knowing that “he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his reward, even peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come.”  (D&C 59:23)."

I love this gospel! It gives us our purpose. The path God has shown us is made up of principles and covenants. If we follow HIS plan we will be guided back home. 
I love you!   Hermana Wright

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