Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New Mission President

Beloved family and friends:

This week was awesome! Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!

Funniest Moment and Favorite Lesson moment:

This week, we had a lesson with la familia Corona, they are awesome.  She has 6 kids. This time we finished the restoration and committed them to be baptized. Right before we asked them to be baptized the Hermana had the biggest smile, like she knew exactly what we were going to ask her. They are seriously the coolest family ever! All 6 kids are ready for us when we come over and they sit patiently through the lesson. And they understand!!

The funny moment came when we were waiting for her to answer the baptismal commitment, and she waited to Hermana Jackson got out of her chair and knelt down on the floor where the Hermana was sitting on the ground and held her hand and promised her some beautiful blessings. Only bad thing was that it looked like an engagement....... But I guess it was an engagement… with God.

 One more:
This week while we were in the church, Sister Jackson tried to catch a baby lizard, but ended up killing it. We got it all on camera, she may or may not have cried. Haha!
Coolest Moment:
This week we met President Dixon, (our new Mission President) who is awesome.  We had MLC with him on Thursday.  Because Sister Frost was a little bitter that she didn't get to meet him, we invited him to our lesson with Hermano Mendoza. It was really great. President Dixon is so loving and supportive!
Things are going really well!  I LOVE THIS PLACE!  Have a happy safe Fourth of July! 
Love, Hermana Wright


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