Monday, August 1, 2016

Amazing Missionary Moments

Dearest Family and Friends:

Things went really well this week. The big news is that the trio is now just the lonely duo. We are getting through it. I think it is really good preparation for Sister Frost though, so she didn't have do all the changes by herself. After we dropped Hermana Jackson off at 4:30 on Monday we went to Wendy's and cried a lot. It was really hard. We were in a weird little funk, but since then we've been working hard and finding, finding, finding.

Some cool experiences from this week:

Cool Lesson Moments:

*We went to go see a Less Active/Part Member Family named Hermana Cruz this week, her husband isn't a member. Her daughter is 8 and hasn't been baptized. So we are going to teach them the lessons again to see if we can #1 prepare her daughter for baptism and #2 help the mom come back to church. The Hermana had told me before that her husband wasn't interested. But, we went over twice this last week and he sat in on BOTH of the lessons. It was a miracle he was even there! I had never met him in the 5 months I've been here because he works a lot. What are the chances? The second lesson we taught was the Restoration and we didn't even get past prophets until he started asking TONS of questions that he's had in the past. He told us that he has been to lots of churches and never felt anything, but that he wants to feel something. 

*When I was on exchanges last week the sisters picked up an investigator named Vanessa. She is really cool. We had an appointment with her on Thursday and taught her the first part of the Restoration. The next day we were in her apartment complex for another family we visit and she asked us to come over again because she is moving out to a rehab place where we might not be able to visit. We went over and finished the restoration. After we talked about the first vision she looked really pensive. I asked her what she was thinking or feeling. She said "I've never felt this before. I can't describe it; it feels like God is right here with us." We committed her to read the Book of Mormon and when we left she was already reading it so intently! SO COOL!!!! She said she would be baptized and that she had been praying for someone to help her change… and then we met her!

Coolest Finding Moment:

*A couple of weeks ago we met a woman who was amazing and wanted us to come over. This week we were able to actually have a lesson with her. She is excited for us to help her learn so she can teach her kids. She doesn't know too much about God or religion....especially because she called her catholic prayer necklace a 'Rosemary' instead of a Rosary. It was really sad because I showed her kids (probably ages 4-9) a picture of Jesus Christ and they had no idea who he was. She told us that she has never really talked to her kids about that kind of stuff but she knows she should. 

Tender Mercy Moment:

*This week Cynthia (a nonmember in a part member family we are working with) decided to go to seminary. Here the school year just started today.... so it was SOOO AWESOME! She had originally said 'no' to doing seminary, but yesterday while we taught the YW lesson, a young woman bore her testimony really strong about seminary!!!

It's been really really awesome here! I love it!!! I spoke in Sacrament yesterday....and 3 weeks before that. And 2 weeks ago Sister Jackson and I sang Grande Eres Tu (How Great Thou Art) together as well. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!! 

Thanks for all of your prayers and faith! 

Love  Hermana Wright

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