Monday, April 25, 2016

Paying the Price when the Price goes up!

Dear Family and Friends, 

Thank you for all of your love, support, and prayers!  Welp, here they are-----this week's moments---

Feeling the Spirit Moment:

Hermana Mendoza's dad is in the hospital again. He has got some heart problems. CUTEST old man ever! He isn't doing very well. In ward council they talked a lot about things they would do to help. We hadn't planned it, but felt like we should stop by yesterday and sing for him. So we did! It was really cool and they were all teary eyed when we stopped singing (Asombro Me Da...I stand all amazed). Very special experience! 

Miracle Moments:

While leaving the Hospital after we sang to Hermano Preciado (hermana Mendoza's dad), we walked out the front door to the hospital to see a woman crying and saying bye to her family. We walked by and I felt this pressure that we needed to go back. So we turned around and waited for her to be done. When she walked by us we gave her a hug and asked if we could sing for her and her family. She took us up to the room where her husband was (he will be put in hospice care because his cancer is pretty progressed). We sang again while she cried. We prayed and then we left her with her number. We told her she could call if she wanted us to come sing again. She asked if we only sing in the hospital. We told her we could go to her house too. She said her daughter isn't taking this all very well. What a great powerful woman! It was an awesome experience! Very sad, but we gave her a plan of Salvation pamphlet. 

The next miracle is that we finally finished Weekly Planning! YEAH!!!!!!!

Spaghetti Tacos
Exchanges Moment: This week I went on Exchanges with Sister Anderson in her area (Highland). They are doing a great job! We talked to a WHOLE bunch of people! We got names and lots of addresses. We also got Spaghetti Tacos....yes...a taco shell filled with spaghetti. That is was happens when you go to English world :). I also got to meet their Recent Convert, Martin, who is the ABSOLUTE PERFECT fit for our new investigator Jose. That was a miracle!!!!!

Favorite Teaching Moment: This week, one of my favorite moments was teaching our combined Relief Society and Priesthood activity. It was AWESOME! and very powerful!!! We started off altogether and then separated into 2 classes (one taught by the elders and one by us). We taught about how the members can help us in our missionary efforts, and the elders taught about how they can share the gospel with their friends and family members. We narrowed it down to 3 things they can do (Escuchar, Amar, y Testificar) In Spanish it spells eat, but it means Listen, Love and Testify. It was actually a VERY spiritual experience! I felt the spirit as we taught! Great activity. At the beginning we had given them all a post it to write ALL of the names down that came to their minds. There were some great hermanas that were a little teary eyed in the end! Very cool! 

Inspiration Moment: So, I think probably the most valuable life lessons I will take from my mission is "Are you willing to pay the price when the price goes up?" A long time ago we had a mission conference with Elder Hamula that literally changed my WHOLE LIFE! Not even just my mission. He taught this principle and it is just barely starting to make sense with everything that is happening right now. So. He showed us a video "Pure and Simple Faith" (I would HIGHLEY RECOMMEND WATCHING IT) about a poor family who every Sunday had to pay the bus fair to get to church. Because they were low on money they did not have much money to buy food and other necessary supplies for the week. One Saturday, after setting aside the bus fair money, the daughter is sent, with a little cash, to buy the groceries. When she gets to each place she finds a new challenge. Sometimes the price had gone up....but the miracle happens when she reaches in her pocket and finds just the right amount of cash for their bus fair and food. I didn't tell the story very well...but....the principle is the same. God expects us to act! When we pray to have charity, we can pretty much assume that he will give a trial or a person to love that forces us to develop charity. It is the same with missionary work. Sister Jackson and I have a goal of 5 baptisms. Guess what we are struggling with? Keeping appointments with investigators. Almost all of our appointments with investigators or members have cancelled for the last week and a half. It is extremely hard, but it has made me think back to the girl. If my goal is 5 baptisms, what am I willing to give when the price goes up? It is the same with the world right now. Are we willing to pay the price when the wickedness increases and when the storms arise and when people persecute us and when wars come. What are we willing to sacrifice? This is a time to consecrate ourselves to the Lord, give everything we have. Give him the last drop of resistance! Are we willing to pay the price when the price goes up? 

I love you all!
Hermana Wright

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