Monday, April 4, 2016

God cares about this work!

This letter might be a little short, but I will try this make it sweet  as well.  First, I would like to start off with my testimony. I know that God called Joseph Smith as the prophet to restore this gospel, the same gospel that Jesus Christ himself lived and taught. I know that since then, the priesthood has not left the earth and that it continues in an unending line to our beloved prophet today, Thomas S Monson. He is God's mouth piece. The church has never been
stronger. I see it every day. For those of you who doubt it, trust me. There are things I have felt and witnessed in this church that I cannot explain. I know that every time we open our mouths to share the gospel, God and his angels swoop in to help us say and do the right thing. He cares too much about this work!

After the Saturday sessions of general conference we had a couple of lessons planned with some single men. The only problem was that nobody in our Ward answered their phone to come with us. Elder and Sister Allred (a senior couple) happened to be with us watching conference and they agreed to come help.  The lesson was in Spanish and neither of them speaks it was really interesting. But as we translated and asked them to share experiences it was very cool to see how their testimonies answered questions the people were looking for to help their family. Very cool! In that lesson we picked up 2 new investigators.

The lesson after that we visited a man named Jose. The sisters met him a long time ago, but we had never had a lesson with him before. We went over and asked if his wife could sit in and she did! Whew! The Allred's couldn't come with us to this one, but the wife saved us. Pretty soon as the lesson went on, the wife started to cry, she wouldn't tell us why, but it was so cool to give them hope for their lives and for their family. They were so ready to do what we asked them so they could see changes! We picked up two new investigators from that lesson as well!

As we pulled up to the car wash today the man next to us said he had extra time on his car we didn't even have to pay for it!

I love you all! We find out about transfers tomorrow morning! Thank you for your prayers  for the missionaries around the world!
Love, Hermana Wright

 Our mission covers Lake Arrowhead up in the mountains. This is the drive up there.

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