Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rosario's Baptism

Dearest Family and Friends:

Highlights from this week:

*Rosario Mendoza got baptized!!!!!!! It was such a spiritual experience for everyone. Even at the very beginning of the service there was not a dry eye. VERY great woman!!!! She was SO excited. Her husband bought her a special dress just for the event!!! 

E. Anderson & Garcia, Rosario, Matthew & us

*The baptism was at 4 on Saturday and then right after we had the Women's General Conference. We watched it in Spanish, but sadly that means I didn't get as much out of it as I could've. I will have to watch it again in English. I am beyond excited for General Conference this upcoming Friday! What a great time for inspiration and edification from the prophet and from on high! It is all about preparation though! Elder Bednar has taught that we must 1. Prepare to Learn 2.  Interact to Edify and  3. Bind ourselves to act.    So how are we preparing? Are we going to be edified? And what will we change? 
Hrm Carbaja, Rosario Mendoza y yo
*Pday for some reason is the hardest day for me to talk to people. I am not sure why, but we ALWAYS see cool miracles on Pday if we open our mouths. So today while we were looking at some food I started talking to some lady in Spanish about how her Easter went. She said they watched The Passion. She told me she was confused because they killed God, but then it was his son. So I had the chance to clarify that God and Jesus Christ are two separate people, they together make up the Godhead and love us so much. She said she had so many questions. I asked if she would want us to come over to answer her questions. It was so natural!!!! It was awesome. I do not remember her name....woops. BUT, we gave her our card. She couldn't give us her phone number because "she couldn't remember it :)"....which actually is pretty common out here, or maybe it's because we are missionaries, not really sure. But I know she will call! Very neat lady!!! Open your mouth! It works!!!!!!!!!!!! I can promise you that it will, each and every one of you reading this letter can find someone that wants the gospel, you just have to have the faith to open your mouth. Start with a prayer every morning really pleading with the lord for the strength to open your mouth. The hard part is that in order to find that opportunity....we MUST be willing to put our faith into action and really talk to people and bring up the gospel. It's like us in the mission field, if we pray for more baptisms but don't go out and talk to everyone....we are not showing or using our faith!!!! Food for thought! Take the promise seriously! As a representative of Jesus Christ, our resurrected Lord and Savior, I promise that as you pray fervently, actively and purposefully share the gospel with ANYONE; you will find someone that the Missionaries can teach! 
Rosario's Baptism
This transfer is a 7 week long transfer, so next week we will find out what is happening!

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Wright

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