Monday, May 9, 2016

Short and Sweet

This week we have been focusing on our sweet Less Actives and Recent Converts. What great people! We are not only trying to reactivate them, but also we are trying to make them, their families and friends, our main source of investigators. We have some good prospects, mainly husbands and children who are non members. We are truly seeking to be guided. I know that we are going to see miracles. 

These last few weeks have really been a metaphor for me for life. A lot of these last few weeks have been cancelled appointments and investigators that either we've had to drop or they have dropped us. At times I have felt like its punishment or that we aren't doing something right. This last week I realized that I think that is how God is guiding us.

Missionaries in the Book of Mormon like Alma, Abinadi, and Ammon didn't have much success at the beginning either. What made the difference? They were guided and led to ONE convert. ONE person that would help push the work forward. And that ONE person was the ONE that would help them baptize cities! For Abinadi his convert was Alma, who later baptized thousands. Then that Alma had a son, who also served a mission. On that mission he was led to Amulek, who became his companion. Together they baptized thousands! Ammon went into the land of the Lemuelites and found his convert the king, who later opened doors that would never have been opened otherwise. Ammon baptized thousands and opened more doors for his companions to baptize thousands! The Lord leads his servants!!!! The Lord will lead us, ALL of us! We have the potential to find THOUSANDS when we are led to the ONE! God always works with the one! He knows and loves us all individually. So individually that he knows our names. He can look into our eyes and know our past, present, and future! We are his children! 

I love you all! Pray to find the ONE! 

Love,  Hermana Wright


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