Monday, April 18, 2016

Exchanges, Referrals & Asking random questions

Family, Family, Family:

It's getting to be that time where I have to read my least email to see what happened last week. Things are moving SO FAST here! 


Service opportunity.
*Our first day together, we went to go visit a 'potential' named Julio. When we got out of the car, his next door neighbor was halfway in her door. I called her and told her I had a question. (PS apparently I am good at coming up with random questions that I actually know the answer to. Like, where is E street? To which the answer is usually, its right before F Street. Don't worry I'll get better) After we talked for a little while we scheduled a time when we could return. Turns out I know her sister because I taught her in Rialto way back 1 year ago!!!! So, this week we got to have a lesson with her, and guess what! She happens to be the COOLEST person ever. She said yes to being baptized and was SO excited to start taking the discussions. We haven't had a chance to meet with her since then, but we passed by her house once and taught her 2 older daughters (7 and 9 ish) how to sing Las Familias Pueden Ser Eternas (Families can be together forever). Very SPECIAL!!!
Exchanges with Hermana Biggerstaff
*Went on exchanges yesterday! Sister Biggerstaff, who usually covers YSA in San B, came here with me to my area. We had a good day! We talked to LOTS of people, and I got pretty sunburned. The funny part is, we didn't walk that much. I parked the car about 2 minutes from the house we were going to, and it took about an hour and a half to get back to the car because we talked to so many people! Sister Biggerstaff has been out 4 months. She got to do her first street contact ever!!! Glad I could help change that around. For all of you who are going on missions in the future (Yes dear nieces and nephews, I don't care how scared you talk with EVERYONE!!!!!). We asked everyone for referrals, and a lady we met named Milagros gave one of her neighbors. As we were walking past the house a little later, I said, "let's go contact that referral we just got." Sister Biggerstaff looked at me panicked! She told me she had never done that and that she didn't know what to say. So I told her that it was her turn to try. After almost vomiting and doing some deep breathing on the way up to the door, she DID IT!!! The person sadly was not interested, but she DID IT!!!!!
Exchanges with
Hermana Jackson
Later while going to contact another referral, I saw the neighbor out. I said, I am going to finish writing this note, but you should go start a conversation with that man! She looked at me panicked again!!!! I said, I will be there to help with the rest, but I will just be finishing the note for the first part. So she deep breathed and went over and started. I really did have every intention to go over, but then another person stopped me to ask me who we were. So, she got to do a whole street contact by herself!!!!!! SO COOL! We talked about it in the car after, and she was very pumped!  It is really cool to be able to help sisters be more courageous and feel the spirit!!!!! 

It was a little sad, because none of our new investigators came to church!!!! But we are going to work even harder and faster this week!!!!!! BUT, Hermano Mendoza came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the first time since he cancelled his baptism!!!!!! And this week we will hopefully go to the temple with the Hermana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I love you all!!!!!!! Have a happy week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Wright

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