Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Miracle Moments this week.

Miracle Moments: 

Lewis and familia
Lewis- because we have been struggling to get him to come to church, we did a church tour with him. We showed him around the building so he would feel more comfortable and then ended in the sacrament room. We walked in and I asked him, "how do you feel?" And he said "I am feeling it right here" (pointing to his heart). He said it was really strong and he felt so happy. We shared a brief message and he said, "wait that's it? I want to stay longer." Really cool lesson! 
Hermana Mendoza: She is getting baptized this week!! I am so excited. She is such a great woman! Although her husband wants more time she asked us to pray about a date. We felt strongly that she should be baptized ASAP. So this Saturday !

I got to go on exchanges in RIALTO 4th… That is my first area!!!!  It was so fun to see members, recent converts and investigators that I know! See pictures below. I really love them! It was really cool to see that most of them remembered me too! I love these people! 


Super short and sweet today. I love this work. I know the lord is in charge. He has a plan, and when we chose his way we are ALWAYS blessed. We need to be more grateful for the blessings we are receiving. Sometimes we look for blessings that WE want, but if we really understand that the one who is ALL  KNOWING has a plan I think we would be safer to take his advice and be grateful for what he has given us. I love the Lord! Happy Easter!
Please take 2 minutes to watch the new Easter initiative Hallelujah, and then share it on Facebook and give it to a neighbor that isn't  member. 


Albertos Mexican Restaurant

Love you all! 
Hermana Wright 

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