Monday, April 27, 2015

Survived Transfers

April 27, 2015

So.....this week has gone by both super fast....and really slow. I was just thinking I can't even remember what I wrote last week.

Best Moment:
Myself & Hrm Jimenez, Jose, Cesar & Mario
The BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mario, Cesar, and Jose were baptized on Saturday, confirmed on Sunday and received the priesthood!!!!! WOW! We were all so happy. Because it was our first baptism there were MANY miracles and we saw the reality of grace. We forgot to get the baptismal suit for Hermano Rodriguez, the baptizer! And when we got to the stake center the copier didn't work....and there weren't any hymn books in Spanish. Everything worked out though! And it was such a spiritual experience! YEAH!!!!!!!! SO happy for them!

Claudia Uribe with the Ocampo's.
Their mom wasn't able to attend but the Uribe family (their neighbors and basically their family) went....that is Claudia Uribe the mom in the picture. She and Joseph were SO happy for them to get baptized! 

Since I don't have much time...... I will update you all on the people here. 

We are still visiting the Singh family to tutor them. They are great!!!  Karen and Lupis.....we have been trying, but they don't really keep commitments.
Helping Isha Singh with her book report.

That's it :) We are working on finding!!!!!! I am staying here in Rialto with Hermana Jimenez and we are going to find people who are ready to be baptized!!!!!!!!! We are also starting English Classes this week for EVERYONE! We have been inviting people to that....which is an easy ice breaker because the people here understand how important it is to know English. Especially the moms....because their children know English and they 'talk back' because they know their moms don't understand what they are saying.
With the Young Women in the ward.

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Wright

Family Home Evening with the Larios Family
Some skateboarders that we street contacted.
They came over to talk with us for about an hour.
Ward Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening)

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