Monday, April 20, 2015

My Spanish, Our Investigators...and a Crazy Experience

This week was another blur of a week! I am basically to the first transfer....CRAZY! Still not fluent...but close :) Just kidding! Sometimes I think that there is a reason for me to not be fluent. There are obviously lessons that I need to learn from I am going to do my best to learn these lessons quickly.....I am anxious to become fluent :). Understanding has gotten much better....still hard....but better.
This week we had 1 lesson with the Ocampo's, where we asked Mario to be officially baptized. WOOHOO! However, they didn't come to church this Sunday (which makes two times in a row). We are a little worried that they aren't ready to be baptized. We are going to try to have a lesson with them tonight....but they are rarely home anymore. That is why we've only been able to have 1 lesson with them this week. If everything works out though....all three of them will be baptized this Saturday.
Crystal is no longer an investigator we can teach because her mom realized that we were we aren't allowed to go back. I think she found out because I left a Book of Mormon with Victoria (Crystal's brother's girlfriend). I felt really strongly that I should leave I think that just having that book in their house will somehow give them desire! Who day someone might be having a rough time and open it up to find answers. They might stay up the whole night reading because once they started they can't stop.... I don't think the Lord wastes his Books of Mormon. Somehow it will bless someone's life. 
Karen and Lupis were on a trip this week so we didn't teach them at all really. Hopefully they can come to church this Sunday !!!  I love this ward! They are so awesome! There are so many strong families with strong testimonies!  

Coolest Moment this week:
We went to go visit a less-active family this familia Arcos. We pulled into their circle and parked. Right then we got a call from an investigator. We were on the phone when a car with really loud music sped into the circle and up to a car with a cover on it. He got out (obviously mad) and started sprinkling something on the car. I thought for sure he would light it on fire. He went back to his car, broke something and then placed it on the covered car. He whistled 3 times and then ran to his car. Four big, bald, gangsters came out of a nearby apartment....they were MAD! Hermana Jimenez pulled out really fast....we didn't want to become accomplices or anything :) CRAZY!!!!
Finding Moment:
Our district has decided to start holding English classes for members (and their friends). We aren't going to officially start holding classes until next transfer....but it has been a great tool to use to get people acquainted with the church. We also got a chance to meet la familia Cisneros....we haven't been able to actually have a lesson with them yet....but hopefully!
I love you all! I hope you are having a great week! Keep praying and reading your scriptures!!!!!!!!!
Our apartment (upstairs)
Hermana Wright
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