Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Rebecca's take over RIALTO!!! Week 2

Hola familia y amigos!!!                                                                                    March 30, 2015

Did I tell you all that my companion's name is Rebecca as well!!!! Twinners!!! Well this week has been both awesome and hard....but I am excited to share my experiences!

First this week's moments:

Best Lesson

I taught Itzel for the first time last Monday and it was AWeSOME!!!! She has some addictions....rough ones that she has been trying to work through. But, I so admire her for her desires. I felt inspired to talk about the power of the Book of Mormon with her. In sacrament meeting, we had a great talk about strengthening ourselves against temptation. The speaker brought out a match and told the other speaker to try and break it....he did it with ease. Then he pulled out a bunch of matches....and the boy couldn't break it. It's about doing as many things as we can to stay strong. I promised her that while she had a hard time keeping all of the commandments, that if she could start obeying the little ones she could add matches to her stack and be able to break her addictions when she had and utilized the right tools. 

Tender Mercy moment: one night that our entire appointments fell through we decided to go visit a member, Hermana Rincon...we went in and talked and she finally asked "why did you guys come over?" And we told her we had been in the area. She started to break down and tell us about how she was having a really hard time that day and we had answered her prayers. It was really awesome!

Weirdest moment: we had a guy stop us in the library and tell us that we were in the wrong church and that we should remember that Jesus Christ is on our name tags....he told us to do it (change to the right church) for Him. I decided it was best to keep my mouth shut.....

Noche de Hogar (FHE) with the ward.
 Elder Gore and the little Martinez girl
Language moment: Yesterday I finally taught a whole part of the lesson! Usually the people talk so fast that it's just easier for H. Jimenez to teach it. But, this time I insisted that she give me a part. It was really good I think. She likes having me teach the more important parts of the lesson because people listen more attentively when the person butchers their language :) but, hey, whatever gets people to feel the spirit!

Exciting Moment--- we found out at mission conference that we may be getting I-Pads!!! woohoo...but the exciting part is that they are having us take them home with us after our missions are over....not sure why....but I am psyched. 

I don't have much time..... but I want to share a spiritual thought

As this week is Easter...it is fitting that my message is centered on Christ. This week we had the wonderful opportunity to have a Mission Conference with a general authority (Elder Neilson of the 70---he will be speaking in a Sunday Session). He introduced to us the video 'Because He Lives.'  PLEASE GO wATch iT!!!! AnD sHARE IT!!!!! The power of the Atonement is real. Christ's atonement not only offers us the chance to change, but also the chance to have hope and happiness. Remember the talk by Elder Bednar.....it's about the load. He gives us trials because he wants us to grow. And while those trials are hard....Christ is the one who stands with us and eases our burden! I am so grateful for His sacrifice! Please make the effort, your whole life....but especially this week, to remember Him.....to learn of Him. GO WATch ThAt vIDEo!!!!!!!!!! 


I love you all! I wish I could write more experiences!!!!! 

Hermana Wright

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