Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Starting Week #5--Off to a great start!

This week has been infinitely better....because hey.....I am healthy again and things are much much better!!!!  And later, if you are paying attention, you will find out what happened. But first-------drum roll---------- Moments of the week

Funniest Moment
So our toilets explode now......its common knowledge that if you dont want to take a shower in our classroom building....you shouldn't use stalls 1 or 5. Once upon a time my companion and I were in the bathroom (she was in 5 and I was in 6)....I felt some odd splattering. Hma Jackson started screaming as a river, no joke, a river started coming from under the stall. HILARIOUS. Some latinas from our building were in there too and we were all laughing hysterically!!!!!!!! 
Hma Bess and I placed our first Book of Mormon...to a real person. We were doing some language study outside with our District and we were practicing a ´bus stop run-in´....where we walk up to someone waiting for their bus and generate a conversation and relationship out of thin air...no big deal. After we had practiced several times on our teachers.....Hmo Trejo said, "now give this to that worker over there".....and we did it. Bore my testimony....listened.....or at least tried to. THEY SPEAK SO FAST....and they don't enunciate very well...but we did it! 
Also, if you can't tell, my grammer and spelling are HORRIBLE. I consider this an accomplishment, because I would like to think it is a witness that my brain has switched over to Spanish mode. Yesterday in class Hma Lira had us share some experiences and I could not remember the english word for ´capítulo´ in english.......it was most defintily and accomplishment. However,....even back when i was speaking english 24/7 I STILL didnt know how to spell definitly....so will somebody please enlighten me.....it takes a good 5 minutes for me to get it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We´ve also done 2 English 'fasts' already (no English allowed)...hence the ´solo español´ on my tag.


The tan line shows up a lot better in real life...
Got a pretty sweet Missionary foot tan line already....

Spiritual Moment(s):
As many of you may have gathered....last week was kind of rough week for me. I won't go into details....but it was rough. And this week the Lord knew EXACTLY what I needed. Like it says in Mosiah 24:15, He didn't take away my burdens, ´but the burdens ...were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.´ Tuesday night, devotional night, I was feeling really sick and decided to lay aside my pride and ask for a priesthood blessing from the Elders. They had been offering all day....and so before the devotional we all met in our salon for my blessing. I asked Elder Castagna to give me the blessing (short one with glasses), and it was his VERY FIRST blessing. In it he said something like ´the sickness will pass, and your HF wants you to know that you will have the spirit as a companion as you teach´´ Sounds super simple right........WRONG......that had been bothering me all week. I felt like I wasnt teaching with the spirit and that for some reason I wasn't able to have the spirit. It was a very special experience to have. 

Then on Sunday we had another Devotional where we listened to a discurso from Elder Bednar....he said some VERY powerful stuff! My favorite part was when he talked about the Missionaries getting out of the way. The point of a mission is for us to be ´´Windows to His love, doorways to the truth, and bearers of the message...´´ as the song says. In his talk he said WE ARE NOT THE LIGHT....we are the glass!!! So get out of the Way!!!! 

That's it for the Moments....but this week was really good...another whirlwind. I finally understand the phrase ´days go by like weeks, and weeks go by like days´. Sometimes we can hardly comprehend that is is already Pday again!!! And then other days we can't believe its only 9:30 in the morning!!! The week in quick review goes like this---

Tuesday - devotional, but the area authority was sick, so we ended up watching Meet the Mormons...again. We watched it our first Sunday here (they do movie nights on Sunday nights.....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!) 

Wednesday----Still sick, but made it through. Had TRC....where we talked to 2 older ladies. One lady talked SO SO SO FAST and she talked for probably a combined 20 minutes....which is about how long we should be in there. In the end Hma Jackson asked if she had doubts (not a fan of this question, because you never know what youre going to get). She said, ´yeah, we know that when we die we return to live in Heaven with God, but what happens to the animals.´ We were both dumbfounded.....I gave her my honest answer which was i dont know....I told her what Dad said about how heaven wouldnt be heaven if we didnt have Gus with us.....and we laughed....and then quickly changed the subject back to prayer. We do not know enough spanish to be answering those kinds of questions!!!!!
Afterwards we welcomed the new-bys, and got a new district!!!!!!!!! Our Zone is complete 5A, 5B, 5C.

Houses all built right in to the hill.
This picture is taken from the MTC.

Thursday--- This day was a little rough, mainly because Hma Lira wasnt here for afternoon class....which is seriously EVERYONES favorite part of the day. 

Friday---Not sure what happened....haha.....

Saturday---We didnt have to prepare talks for Sunday because it was Fast Sunday. And I was so excited for the opportunity to fast. It was perfect timing because I needed some serious strength! 

Sunday----Awesome day....a little rough towards the end, but I ABSOLUTLY LOVED Elder Bednars devotional about Preach My Gospel missionaries. 

Monday----taught an awesome lesson to Paulina where we read 1Nephi 2 and helped her feel good about being ´baptized´. I felt SUPER awesome about it, the spirit was so strong. This week was the week we started teaching each other. We all came up with investigator stories and we will have the opportunity to teach each other. I have already been taught and we teach our first new investigator on Wednesday. Everyday we teach Omar or Paulina and get taught or be taught by our District.  Except tomorrow....is TRC...so Hma Jackson and I will teach Omar, a new investigator, and 2 lessons in TRC!!!!!!!! AHH I guess its just a taste of the real missionary world. 

SOO excited for this week! It will be awesome...and you know what I realized.....even its not awesome, MAKE it awesome. Instead of praying for a good day, try praying for the strength and help to MAKE it a good day! Dont forget to read your scriptures and pray...FEAST FEAST FEAST!!!!! Love you all!!!!!!    H. Wright 
Our newly decorated door.

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