Tuesday, March 10, 2015

¡Hola Familia y Amigos!

First things first....thank you for all of your support! I feel such a great spirit every day and I think you guys have a lot to do with that. Second things next..... I leave the CCM on this upcoming Tuesday, but I will have the opportunity to email on Monday since it will be a whole week until my next PDay. So make sure if you want to contact me before I leave to do so before Monday...I usually read emails in the morning and reply in the early afternoon.....so if you send an email anytime during the day I will probably get it! 

Moments for this week (Sorry they are short):

Language Moment/Funniest Moment

Hermana Bess and Hermana Buttars were teaching me this week as my Investigator profile....they taught me a great lesson about Prophets and Jesus Christ. However, Hermana Bess mixed up the words matar and murir (to kill and to die). In the process of telling me about how the Great Apostasy came about, she told me the Jesus Christ killed his apostles :) We laughed pretty hard!


We were all soaked from the rainstorm.
Most Exciting: 

The most exciting moment happened yesterday when we had the COOLEST rainstorm...and I mean storm. We were eating in the Comedor and it started to POUR! People on sitting close to the edges of the Pavilion had to scoot in because the rain was hitting the roofs of the nearby buildings and ricocheting (No sé on the spelling) on to everyone. We tried to capture the moment......but alas the pictures are not worth 1000 palabras...only about cinco. 

Most Spiritual

In our district meetings we talk a lot about Faith and how important it is. We talked about how the analogy in Ether that talks about how faith is an anchor to the souls of men. I had a really cool thought...that if faith is our anchor then the rock that we should throw our anchor into is Jesus Christ...who is the Rock of our Salvation. As far as boats are concerned....the anchor in no way stops the storms that occur around the boat...and sometimes it seems like the anchor may be what is causing the boat to bend and break and turn unexpectedly....but as soon as we sever that line between us and HIM things get infinitely harder. We need to anchor ourselves to him, the storms will always come. I feel like people often mistake anchoring ourselves in Christ as meaning that hard times and storms won't affect us....FALSE! They do!!!!!! But it's through him that we can have ESPERANZA (hope) that in the morning the storm will have passed and we will still be safe!  

This week in a nut shell....a super-d-duper small nutshell....mainly because I remember little. Hence the title....

Monday-- Realized it was Marzo already....and freaked out inside. Made some great goals to help myself be happier and more confident. Metas (goals) work people!!!!! We had a GREAT lesson with Paulina....can't remember if I already told about it. But, we were trying to get her to commit to baptism and after being rejected a couple of times we 'put our foot down'....figuratively of course. She confided in us that her family wasn't happy with her decision to meet with us, and they would not want her to be baptized.  We read with her 1 Nephi:2 and talked about the story of Lehi and his family needing to flee from Jerusalem. Most of the family was on board except for Laman and Lemuel....but, at the end of the chapter and in chapter 3 it talks about that through their sacrifices God prepares a way. We told her that we knew it was a hard decision to make...just like Lehi and Nephi felt when they chose to follow God's will.....but that God would provide a way for her to maintain good relations with her family as well as follow Gods will and be baptized. 

Tuesday-- I am still not sure if I actually lived this day.....my journal entry is quite vague. Sorry mom :) 

Wednesday-- WE LOVE HERMANA LIRA!!!!!! She is by far the coolest teacher here and probably anywhere! Hermana Bess and Hermana Buttars shared a cool scripture with me in our lesson with me as an investigator..... It is so cool that through the Holy Ghost, God answers our prayers-- even when we are pretending to be an Investigator. It was a cool experience!

Thursday-- We taught Miranda (Hermana Buttars) and it went really well. We talked about having a desire to learn more about the Gospel and Christ. Hermana Buttars gave me some really helpful positive feedback which I really needed. Then we taught Hermano Trejo and he also gave me some really awesome feedback! 

Friday---Played soccer during gym time and it was lots of fun....man am I out of shape. They have cage soccer here which is super fun, but also super tiring. Had a cool thought that I put in my journal.....Whenever I think about the length of my mission and how it seems so long, I remember Christ-- and his 33 year long earthly mission. How long did His mission feel especially while he hung on the cross....or the night before when he took upon him every sadness and guilt....or the day of His crucifixion when the whole day the crowds mocked and scorned and disrespected him. This man gave His life for me....for you....and for all of us! For this I owe him EVERYTHING! Everything I am, everything I have, and every minute I live. 

It's always a good reminder that this church is not centered around Thomas S Monson, or the Book of Mormon, or Joseph Smith. All of these are crucial but NOT CENTRAL! Only HE is central! When we center ourselves around Christ it doesn't matter what the world is doing, or if a parent or friend leaves the church, or if someone offends you in your ward.....CENTER YOURSELF AROUND CHRIST! Learn of Him and gain a testimony of his Infinite Atonement....that is what this church is about! How can anyone say we aren't Christian when that is what we teach people! PLEASE do not take for granted the gift He has given us. He has given us the opportunity to strive to be better! Without him this life wouldn't be about becoming....He asks us to try our hardest! In Brad Wilcox's ´His Grace Is Sufficient´ he gives the analogy about a mother paying for piano lessons. When the child practices, it doesn't pay the mom back.....the practicing is the way the child shows appreciation for the opportunity to learn to play the piano. The same is true with the Atonement.....there is no way we can pay Him back....but when we strive to do our best we show our appreciation for the price he payed. PLEASE use the Atonement!!!! Please center your life around Christ!!!! Hard times are coming....and we need all the anchoring we can get!!!!!

Saturday / Sunday----Another one of those blurrs.....

Monday--We had our pictures taken for the goodbye video.....kind of a mixed feeling day. Hermana Jackson had a migraine so I got to nap and catch up on my reading! Hermana Collette (Michelle) & I took pictures together since she left early this morning....and only 30 minutes later a huge storm hit us! IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers!!!! I love you all, and I LOVE hearing about your lives! We all need your prayers here! I hope you all have a great week! 
H Wright

P.S.   Shout out to my CUTE nieces and nephews that I LOVE!!!!! I hope you guys will do your best to study the scriptures every day!!! And because missionary work is all about invitations....I invite you all to read the Book of Mormon (if you can) by yourself every day! And do your best to finish it by the time I get back!!!!!

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