Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Last Week at the Mexico MTC

Dear familia & friends.

I LOVE reading  all your emails!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so very much!  Let's start off with this week's Moments-----

Most Interesting----- We started playing fútbol this week with the Latinas. They are so so so sweet! I have to say though, I expected them to be much better....... But, while we were playing, I totally took out one of the Latinas. Not really, she tripped all on her own......she kind of did the splits and then landed on her knee. I felt so bad, mainly because it looked like I had done something. The worst part, we were at dinner that night and I apologized again.....and she was like, I don't even recognize you! WHAT?!?!?!?

Language Moment---- We had TALL (computer language study) Assessments this week and our good friend Hermano Candia was our teacher supervisor. He is HILARIOUS. I asked him to tell us some jokes that we could say as missionaries to get the Mexicans to laugh (with us or at us....es lo mismo :)). He didn't understand, so he just started telling us jokes in English. The joke in English was SUPPOSED to go as follows: There was this man who had a problem with over-exaggerating. One day he went to a Pharmacy to buy some pills for his problem, and when he got there the pharmacist asked him how many pills. The man said.....1 Million.  (Even in good English it's not that funny.) But, instead of telling us the man went to a pharmacy, he told us the man went to a farm....to get peels (because they pronounce there i´s as ee´s). IT WAS SO CONFUSING.....until we finally understood what he was trying to say. 

Spiritual Moment----- In the Sunday devotional, the MTC Director (Sean Cates) spoke....it was awesome!!! He shared some really cool stories but the overall message to me was STAY ON TARGET! He applied it to missionaries, but it really applies to everyone! We need to keep our eternal perspective....remember WHY we are here and WHAT the purpose of this life is. It doesn't matter how hard it gets....you stick with it until it sticks to you!!!!!!! If something in your life is hard, then this is an opportunity to demonstrate our love and faith to Him. Remember that Faith is always exercised in the PRESENT but always looks to the FUTURE! He also shared this poem:
´´Come to the edge, he said. No! We will fall!...Come to the edge. No! We will fall....Come to the edge and so we came. He pushed us off....and we flew! 
Remember that HE knows! He knows how far to push us! He knows what He wants us to be!!!!!! He knows that in order for us to grow....he needs to cut us down a little. Remember that HE is the gardener here....not you or me or any of us. Put your life in HIS hands!!!!!!

That´s it. For everyone's info....I leave tomorrow morning at 2:30 and our flight leaves at 6. We fly from here to AZ and then on to Ontario. Woohoo!!!!! Thank you for all your prayers!

Wednesday--Started playing soccer with the Latinas....it is so much fun and they are so so so sweet! (This is the picture of all of us on our last Sunday. The Latinas all left yesterday) We didn't get to teach in TRC because there weren't enough volunteers. So instead Hermana Jackson and I pretended to be investigators to another District in our Zone. It was fun!

Thursday--We had TALL assessments. It's mostly speaking. The only problem is that you only get one shot to record stuff, and so the funny story of the night was when Hermana Buttars introduced herself in her recording as Hermana Bess. No big deal, but our President has access to these so he can know how we are doing with our Spanish. :) hahaha

Friday--We started putting the lessons to Disney songs....today´s was 'A Whole New World' and we sang about the Plan of Salvation! It was awesome!!!! Today was the weird day where we had meetings....literally all day!!!! But, the meetings made me so so so excited!!!! 

Saturday---- No Sé

Goodbye to the elders in  5B
Sunday---the beginnings of the goodbyes. The hardest part was saying goodbye to Elder Cardon and Castagna who left today (Monday). We definitely sobbed for a little bit! I love those guys!!!! In sacrament meeting I played the piano for Elder Johnson (from 5C) while he sang Savior Redeemer. He did great....I had only practiced it for a day, so it was a little rough....but it was still great. I also played piano for the devotional....which was super fun. The piano is on the stage but in a dark corner...so there is a lamp you turn on so you can see. But for the closing him, the lamp shorted out, and I had to start the song and could barely see. Thankfully a worker recognized my problem and fixed it by the chorus. I guess that is sometimes like life.....the Lord expects us to take one uncomfortable step into the darkness so that we can find the light and peace we need and want. 

Girls in our Casa
Monday---It has been a really sad day. We said goodbye to 6 girls from our casa already and then to our teachers......AHHH I can't believe this is happening. I am a ball of emotions!!!! But, tomorrow will be great....and I can't wait to see what this next week will bring me!

Wish me luck!!!! I love all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Wright

Our District with Hermano Trejo, our instructor.

I love Hermana Lira

Our Fabulous District  5B

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