Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This letter might be underwhelming because I am sick right now.....but I am writing nonetheless.....that is just how much I love you guys! I cannot put into words how grateful I am for your many prayers....I have felt them, and I am indescribably grateful for them! 

Because every day here is quite literally the same......I will just give you this week's moments....and then some highlights.


 Most Exciting Moment: We had the AWESOME opportunity to welcome the new transfer of missionaries....even though we were supposed to get a new district we didn't. So it has been interesting. 
Language Moments
I so wish that this was going to be spiritual, but it is too funny to not share. Our maestro, Hmo Trejo, had us teach him (as Omar) and at the end of the other Hermanas lesson, he gave them some interesting advice, to say the least. He had watched a video of Elder Holland saying to use more thought-provoking elements. Knowing little English, his first piece of advice to them was to use more provocative elements.....HAHAHA....we all laughed pretty hard, including Hermano Trejo. 

Another---He always replaces what with who..... Who is the importance of the Holy Ghost?

Last one--- This week we had some coaching from our teachers.....like we do every day. One teacher, Hermano Hurtado, was helping Hma Jackson and I with language study...and promised us (in writing) that by July we would be fluent in Spanish. We are most definitely holding him to that. 
Spiritual Moment--
Watched a video in class about the Restauración....at the end Hermana Lira told us.....One prayer changed the world...so one prayer can change an investigators life. 

 We also learn a lesson together as a class each week, and they try to help us find the central message in each. The Restoration was last week, the essential message : REVELATION. This week was the Plan of Salvation, the essential message: EXPIACIÓN. They had us teach the whole Plan of Salvation in 2 minutes and then in 1 minute...they wanted to get across the point....KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!
I also finished the Book of Mormon....did my best to do it before I left....but oh well. I LOVE MORONI 10! It's a great chapter for anyone wanting to know this church is true. I would also recommend reading 1Nephi through Moroni 10 if you want to know the Book of Mormon is true....just sayin'! 


Taught Paulina (Hma Lira\Mariana) 3 times and Omar (Hmo Trejo) 3 times 

TRC....super scary, but we taught 2 lessons about Gods love for us and Prayer
Then we got to welcome the newcomers......I was in charge of weighing and measuring the foreign bound missionaries. 

 Overall this week has been pretty good! Its definitely had its ups, and most definitely had its downs.....but I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my God! He can help us get through ANYTHING....I am evidence of that! I am evidence that he can CHANGE lives! My job is found in this awesome quote  by Thomas S. Monson " Who will man the life boats, leaving behind the comforts of home and family to rescue???" 
Another quote from this week.... the context was someone talking about how pointless missionary work is because "leopards can't change their spots"...to which the man said "I work with men, not leopards, and men change EVERYDAY!!!" so, NEVER give up on anyone....everyone is worth it!!!!! And, everyone CHANGES!!!! Someone who might not have accepted the gospel yesterday....may find they need the gospel today!!!!
I love you all! Thank you for your uplifting emails!                           

Love H Wright

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