Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lots of work...lots of miracles

P-day Hike
It's the week of transfers again folks!!! I will let you all know what happens, there should be a lot of changes coming up soon because there are 4/19 hermana's going home. That's a lot since the last sisters to go home were 1 in Feb. and a couple in November. So...big things! We are also getting 2 new hermana's! The first since last October!!!!!!! I just have to say that I love this ward! What a great place to be! I am going to start off with some miracles. This past transfer has been a lot of work, lots of miracles, but not a lot of results. It has been pretty rough, especially because that makes you feel like you aren't doing a good job. This last week we really feel like we have seen the fruits of our labors!!!


1) This week we had 10 LESS ACTIVES at church! That's crazy because the last weeks we've have 3-4 max. It was so cool! I love these people!!!!! We got the chance to see 7-8 Less Active families and teach them. It was so cool 

2)  Familia Loera: Hermana Loera is awesome and is a convert of a few years. Her husband isn't a member. She is really excited to come back to church! We had a lesson with her and she cried. She told us that she wants to come back to God, that she misses him. It was so spiritual! We are having a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with them tonight.

3) Over this last week or so, I have gained a really strong testimony of Member Missionary work! It works!!!!! This week we had 4 actual referrals from members, and all of them are truly interested in listening to us!!! It has been so awesome to see the members get out of their comfort zones and invite!!!!!

4) Last Sunday night we received a referral from Hermana Erickson in Rialto, of a woman who had come to church in their ward. Her member friend had invited her, so she went. She loved it so much she cried. We went over on Monday to contact her and she is so awesome!!!!!!! I am so excited to teach her. She is excited to get baptized!!! Go member Missionary work!!!!!

I love you all! I hope you have been having a good week!!!!

Love, Hermana Wright

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