Monday, January 4, 2016



Hermano Cardoso taught us to make tamales.
Dearest Family and friends! I hope you are all having a great start of the year with all of your new goals!!!!! This week can probably be best summarized with some short experiences, I love you all!!!!! 

* This week President Van Cott challenged us to read the Book of Mormon in about a day. So when we had to come in early New Years Eve night we all just fast as we could. We went to sleep at 10:30 and then woke up and read the whole next day. It was really cool. In 16 hours & 15 minutes, I read the WHOLE Book of Mormon. It was actually a really cool experience. I would definitely recommend it!

*Went to MLC and found out we will be having a missionary broadcast on the 20th. We did mini trainings, so everybody prepared to train for 10 minutes, exciting. 

Our District
*Because of the branch split and the fact that we lost many of our leaders, we taught Relief Society....woohoo. It was actually a really good lesson. We taught from the Daughters in my Kingdom, about the pioneer women and how they were so converted at the core. We had the sisters read the stories of the women and wrote characteristics on the board as we read. At the end we drew on the board the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End). We told them that the reason these powerful women never fell away and endured so much was because they LIVED the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was really powerful as we watched them understand it. When people understand these 5 simple principles, there is no way they will get offended and leave, there is no way that the bishop will get released and people will stop going, and there is no way that people would say no to traveling thousands of miles in treacherous weather. The leaders of the church can make decisions, but if we are ROOTED in the doctrine/Gospel of Jesus Christ, then we don't have to worry. So if you are having a hard time holding on to what you say you believe in, go back to's that simple. We WILL NOT know everything, because like Alma teaches us, it isn't faith if we know (Alma 32). 

*Sister Erickson had a baptism to go to yesterday so she went with a member and I stayed with Carina (a returned missionary). It was pretty fun!!! 

Funny Experiences: 

 *A few nights back we stopped to talk to this man on the street and he was pretty cool. We had a good conversation and left him with our number so he could call if he needed anything. Sister Erickson said, "Have a good night" and me not thinking said "you too". The man was very confused to say the least. So we just walked away quickly.....

* While talking to this 20 year old guy (it was a little uncomfortable) we had a good conversation about God, and then all of a sudden he asked us "what race are you", and then he was like "oh sorry I mean what religion are you" we laughed pretty hard at that one. 

Love you all,  Hermana Wright 

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