Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tender Mercy with 3-year-old Bobby.

January 18, 2016

Family and friends:

Thank you all for your love and support. I hope you know how needed and strong you are. Thank you thank you for all you do!!! 

Tender Mercies: 

*One of our investigators, Sara, has a boy named Bobby. He is 3 and super cute but quite the screamer. Last week in the middle of our lesson he came up and put Mac and cheese right in our hands....a whole clump full.  Sara got really mad at him and so he proceeded to scream for the next 20 minutes while we read the Book of Mormon with her. When it came time to pray, I was about at the end of my rope. I remembered a song I have in my iPad. I played it while he was screaming. He was too loud at first, but when he stopped to breathe, he heard the words of 'I Am A Child Of God'. He got so quiet and just listened. He looked down and was instantly calm. Earlier when we started the lesson with a prayer I had specifically asked that Bobby would be able to feel the spirit and be quiet. As we watched him be quiet and reverent for the longest time in the history of Bobby, Sister Erickson and I looked at each other with amazement. I thought about his young little spirit and I wondered if maybe deep down inside he recognized the song. What a special moment. 

* I had a really great training this week with President Van Cott. We talked all about planning. There are 2 reasons why we plan as missionaries 1) it helps us find those who are prepared to receive the gospel and 2) it helps us coordinate our efforts with the other side so we can work together with those missionaries. Even more importantly than that, however, is that God is a master planner. If we are meant to become like him, we must be able to plan like he does. In Genesis, one whole chapter is planning what he will do to create the world and then he does it.  Let's be better at coordinating our missionary work with the one who plans the best of all. Let's promise to always open our mouth so that God can trust us enough to put the prepared people in our way. Ben, our one of the best examples of opening your mouth. How did we find Ben? We didn't. A member (from another part of California) was visiting....just visiting. She went out to eat at a restaurant where he worked. She struck up a conversation with him, got his address and phone number and gave us the information. Ben will get baptized within the next few months. OPEN YOUR MOUTHS AND THEY WILL BE FILLED!!!!! 

I love you all so very much!!! Have a great week!!! 
Hermana Wright


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