Thursday, January 21, 2016

Transfers...and lots of rain !

January 11, 2016
Family and Friends: 

We had transfers and Sister Erickson and I are still together and we are staying in the San Jacinto Branch. Woot Woot! So by the end of this transfer I will have been here for about 7/7.5 months....woohoo! I really do love it here. 


*I am sick with a cold again....but I will make it through. 

* I am still a Sister Training Leader but I am over the Sisters in the new ward (Hermanas Jimenez and Frost) and the Palm Springs sisters (Sisters Hall and White). 

*We FINALLY changed our voicemail that was 10 months old! Woohoo....and it only took 5 tries!!

It's been super rainy....
The other day I had no choice but to step
into a small 'river' just to get into the car.
It covered my ankle
Little Miracle:

We had a cool experience this morning when we were walking into the grocery store we had only brought one English Book of Mormon with us. A subtle thought came in my head that I needed to walk back to the car and grab one in Spanish. Later while we were getting ready to leave the store, we struck up a conversation with man who told us how he wants to change so he can be a better example for his kids. He said that if we had a bible of some sort he would read it. We got the chance to explain the Book of Mormon and testify of its power. It was such a testimony to me of how God loves each of his children so much, and that he guides us by subtle promptings so we can influence people's lives forever. 

Working with Members: 

This week we got a call from Hermano Rosas, telling us that he thinks his friends should take the lessons again (I have taught her before her name is Lucia). He said that we would probably need to do some convincing :), we agreed to 'randomly' stop by to see Hermano and find her there 'on accident'. When we went over, she was so surprised to see us. We shared a short message and she told us that she had been thinking about coming back to church and meeting with us the whole day! She told us she has decided to be baptized, but still needs to change her job so she can come to church. We fasted with her yesterday so she will be able to find something. It was really cool!!!!

Yesterday was a great day to work with members. We had a lesson with a Recent Convert and the Reyes family, then a lesson with an Inactive family (actually the family of former investigators: Jair and Jamilli. Then we had a lesson with Ben with Crystal. ALL of the lessons were awesome, and in 2 of the cases we had to leave our members in the houses because they wanted to talk, but we had an appointment. It was so awesome!!!!!

Coolest Lesson: 

Yesterday we had a lesson with Hermano Puente, a recent convert that is switching his records to our branch. We brought the Reyes family and they were AWESOME! We talked about his baptism and he shared with us his conversion story. He also shared some really hard things he is going through right now. It was so cool to see that our members INSTANTLY connected with him as they shared similar experiences and how they overcame them. The spirit was so strong. 

I love you all so very much!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Wright

Our Zone - Missionaries in the Palm Desert Stake.

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