Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year (Almost)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I guess not yet...but still this week is when the New Year starts. The highlights of my week:

* Monday- we prepared for Christmas by buying gifts for some of our members and investigators. And also got to have lunch on the border of our area with Sister Ramos and Sister Ipson. 

* Tuesday- did ALOT of caroling!!!!!!! 

* Wednesday- got to sing in the big mall over here called The River. It was actually a really special experience and something I would like to do again. It was so interesting to watch people when we sang. The Young Single Adults arranged an activity to go sing next to the food court and invited all the missionaries to join in. It was so cool to be able to drown out the world for some people that stopped to listen. 

*Thursday- Christmas Eve!!!! We got to eat dinner with a great little family who gave us some champurrado (hot chocolate....kind of.) and tacos. Then we spent the rest of the night inside. I got the chance to read and study about the birth of Jesus Christ. It was also a special experience. I have never understood Christmas like I did this year. 

*Friday- I was a little bit sick but we worked through it and ate with a great sister from the wars, and then I got to Skype the family. It was so good to get to see at least some of my siblings. I adore my was so different being away from them this year, but I am grateful to be here. I got to see Christmas in a new light. I got to see why Christmas is important. 

* I got to speak in church yesterday about goal setting for the New Year and a little bit of repentance. We spoke last. The elders and I took up all of the time and Sister Erickson didn't even get to speak.....but maybe next week. I am excited for her to show off her Spanish. 

* Big news for the branch, they are splitting it. So we used to cover Cathedral City, Thousand Palms, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, and La Quinta....but they are taking La Quinta out and making a new Ward out of it and parts of the other Spanish Ward. Wow. That came as a shocker. We will be losing almost half of our leadership and some very strong members. But, what a great way for the branch to step it up and be stronger. 

Sister Erickson reminded me of a funny experience this week. About the beginning of the week we met a woman on the street named Petra....she is awesome and said we could come back to read the bible story of Jesus' birth with her and her husband. So we went over and they had been expecting us. We sat down and the husband said that he had always wondered what his purpose was in life. They told us that they have other missionaries come over from other religions too. We proceeded and gave a super brief summary of where we come from and why we are here and then read the bible story. They asked us to come back to talk more about the plan of salvation and we said w would. We closed with a prayer and in the process of getting up off the couch.... Someone knocked.....and guess who came in? The Jehovah Witness missionaries. The husband says, "the competition"..... Needless to say we got out of there after some brief conversation and laughed all the way the car.

I love you all I hope this week we will all take the time to make some really good goals, repent, and move forward. Next week I am sure we will have more news to share. I love you!!!!!!! This is the last week of the transfer..... Ahhhh I will let you all know what is happening next week 

 Hermana Wright 

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