Monday, December 21, 2015

Mariah's Baptism

December 14, 2015

Well family and friends, we are quickly approaching Christmas and I hope you have ALL watched the video, A Savior is Born. Share it!!!!!!!!!! 

This week was really great! I don't have a lot of time, so I will be quick, but

 *Mariah got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so great and she is so awesome! Tonight she and her family are taking us to Candy Cane lane to see the lights before P-day ends. woohoo!!! I love her so much! The baptism was awesome, and the spirit was so strong. Her mom bore her testimony and kept talking about how it took so long for her daughters to want to join the church. They are so excited because now that both of the daughters are baptized, the dad will be next. 

*This week we went to have a lesson with Mariah before her baptism (maybe Wednesday). They told us that Mariah got in a car accident and totaled her car!! She is perfectly fine though...MIRACLES!! It was so cool to hear her bear her testimony about how she knew that Satan was trying to get in the way of her getting baptized.WOW!!! She is so great!!!!! 

*Got to go on exchanges this week. I was so impressed at how well Sister Erickson took over the area. I came back and she had contacted TONS of people and found some golden investigators. What a great way to help the sisters we do exchanges with. WOW!!! She is great! 

*We are preparing for Christmas over here. We are giving Christmas to a few families in need and we are going to do lots of caroling. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! 

We also had the Branch Christmas Party right after Mariah's baptism. It was really great, they had Posole (I think that's how you spell it, that's how you say it...) It's a really good soup. It was super delicious and they also had Champurrado (a type of really thick hot chocolate....super delicious as well). I have officially become completely Spanish. For groceries, all I buy is Mexican yogurt, tortillas, avocado, and cheese...sometimes beans and rice. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys for your love, support and prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Wright


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