Monday, October 5, 2015

It's cooling down!

This week went from the 100's to 70's....woohoo !!!!!!  Now I understand why there is human life down here!!!

*  I went on exchanges with Sister Hamblin in Borrego Springs. That is the lowest part of the mission and is only 1.5 hours away from the border.  So that is where the pictures come from. I learned a lot about lessons to learn early on the mission from Sister Hamblin because she leaves in a week. She gave some good advice. Some of which includes things like, making my prayers more sincere and studying more effectively, ESPECIALLY from the Book of Mormon!

*  We had 3 investigators come to General Conference!!! Maria (the one we met at an inactive members home), the guy from Spain we met first transfer...super cool! and Alvaro, the son of Hermano Sandoval.

*  This week Al (grandson of an inactive member) told us that he received his answer that baptism is for him. He is 15 and has had some really hard struggles.  He is SOOOOO awesome!  He loved our plan of salvation lesson and asked 1 billion deep doctrine questions and said lots of things like, "So does that mean that if my body is pretty buff, then my spirit would be too?"  When we asked about his friends, he said, "I don't really have best friends. When I walk down the hall I get lots of high fives and all of these girls try to hug me."  He is SO cool!  We asked him last week about baptism on the 7th and he said 'Yes'.  It is now even more confirmed!  YEAH!!!!

*  Going into General Conference I was hoping for some insights into helping people recognize answers to their prayers...low and behold, the last talk in the first session was a GREAT help! It was all about prayer. It was a witness to me that Heavenly Father does answer our prayers.

* We have been teaching a lady named Sister Flores who has not been active for a really long time, but she has come to church the last 3 Sundays !!!  After the Saturday sessions of General Conference we had a lesson with her and talked about the Tree of Life.  She has had a hard time understanding it in the past. The lesson helped her understand it much better. Guess what they talked about in one of the talks in the Sunday Morning session (which she went to)?  The Tree of Life!

Sister Navarrez. She use to be a professional singer.
I got her to sing while I played the piano and she
sounded GREAT!
I just want to bear my testimony about the Book of Mormon.  It is the most powerful thing I have ever encountered. I PROMISE that diligent and sincere study WILL bring miracles into your life.  Just the act of faithfully reading a couple of verses a day will demonstrate the faith power needed to work miracles.  It happened in my life, it can happen in yours. ANY problem, and I mean ANY problem can be sorted out, made light, and handled through the Book of Mormon! Have faith that it will work! Even if the doctors say that you will never get rid of the pain, or the teachers say you will never pass, or if people around you say that you can't break your addiction because you are too far gone...the BOOK OF MORMON BRINGS MIRACLES !!!! Please Please read it !!!!

Things are going really well here! I am excited to see what the next transfer will bring these great people here in the San Jacinto Branch !!!

Love you guys !!!!
Hermana Wright 

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