Monday, September 28, 2015

Good things coming!!!

Our apartment in San Jacinto
Good things coming!! Well this week was good....kind of a rough week as far as lessons taught, but no complaints. I am just going to put as much down as I can remember. 

Funny Moments:

*While driving down one of the streets in Thousand Palms at night, I saw a sign that said "Hay Tacos". I was super confused and I said out loud "Hay Tacos? Why would anyone make tacos out of Hay???" and Sister Clarke, who had not seen the sign was like, "That's super weird".  About 30 seconds later she said "HAY tacos" as in "There are Tacos (in Spanish...)....hahahah.

We laughed really hard. Apparently I am not as fluent as I thought. 

*Had a lesson with the most interesting, cool couple ever. Part member family, they don't speak Spanish (so I am not sure why they are in the Branch). We sit down and they are making us I try to start up a conversation by saying "So, tell us about yourselves! We don't really know you guys all that well!" To which she replies "Oh, no, lets save that for dinner".......gladly sister Clarke had it under control and laughed it off.........hahaha it was really uncomfortable because that basically eliminated ALL conversation until after we had dinner on the table. 

 * Had dinner with the Torres family....they are AWESOME!!!!!!!! Hermana Torres was telling us about some problems she's had in the past with people who don't obey the Word of Wisdom. Talking about the smell of tobacco, she said that it smelled like 'squirrel'. We all paused for a second, super confused, until someone said, you mean 'skunk'? We laughed for like 5 minutes.....

Little Miracles:

* Got out of the car to visit an Inactive Member, and the first person we see comes up and talks to us and the conversation goes like this:

Him -  "Hey I've seen you guys before, my name is Jose. Do you guys have a card so I can have your number? My friend has been having a hard time, so maybe I can have two cards."

*We have been giving out LOTS of Books of Mormon. We have determined that is one of the best ways to find out if someone is being prepared. If you give them a Book of Mormon and they don't accept, they aren't ready.....We followed up with a lot of people to whom we had given a Book of Mormon, to see if they would let us come in and tell them more about it.  Two of the random strangers we had given books to had read!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!?!?!? 

*Stopped by to see a Potential Investigator who we met 6 weeks ago. She wasn't home, but we started talking to this teenager (classic example of "eat, drink, and be merry"....side thought, it has been one of the hardest things to get teenagers to care about spiritual things.....this mentality of eat, drink, and be merry is so engrained in their minds its nearly impossible to help them see the importance of the be continued). We offered her a Book of Mormon, as per usual, and she told us she would take it but probably wouldn't read it. She did, however, let us show her the video 'Because He Lives'. We sat down to watch it, and 3 other teenagers came out and watched it with us. One of them, named Eva was really into it. She asked for our number and told us to come by on Sunday.  Super cool.....we talk to everyone because you never know who you can affect. Even if the original person you talk to isn't interested....

Cool rainbow...
* In the same house a few days later, we went to try to re-find the potential investigator and found her!!!!! Yeah! We had planned to teach her the Restoration, but instead she asked us every question that the Plan of Salvation answers. So we obviously started in on Priesthood and Auxiliaries.......hahahaha Just, we taught her the Plan of Salvation. She was really into it, especially the part about Repentance. It was one of the moments where I realized that she was someone that I am on my mission for. She had lots of concerns about Repentance and we really just talked about how it is a blessing to repent. 

Love you guys!!!!

Thanks for all the support!!!!!
Hermana Wright

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