Monday, October 19, 2015

Still in San Jacinto (YEAH!!)

Sad farewell with H Clarke
I am still in San Jacinto (YEAHHH!!!! *sigh of relief) I love it here. I am no longer companions with Sister Clarke. She went back to Rialto 4th (we were both trained by the same person in the same she is just going back to her first area) I have Sister Erickson, from Centerville, UT she is the SWEETEST! It has been a little hard to transition just because I was so used to Sister Clarke....but it will be great. Sister Erickson has 3 months in the field (so I am follow-up training). Our companions literally just switched places...

This week was pretty good....mostly pictures though. I don't have a lot to say because it's been a blur of changes and transitions..... 
Our first day together, we were able to set a baptismal date for Mariah!!! YEAHH!!! She is going to be baptized on the 14th and she came to church this Sunday! I love her so so so so much! 

Maria was also able to come to church, but this time she wanted to try English.... I am still a little broken hearted. But we will see which she likes better. If she chooses English, then we won't be able to teach her anymore! But the language doesn't really matter, just that she gets to hear the gospel. 

My new companion !!!  Hermana Erickson
She is from Centerville, UT
Al is doing good but we didn't get a chance to teach him at all last week. Our awesome YM president said that he would take the young men to meet him for mutual on Tuesday !!! YEAHH!!!! He will be getting baptized sometime at the end of November or Beginning of December. YEAH!!!!

New Roommates - H Lewis (12 months in mission)
and H Romrell (still in training)

Old Roommates

I am so sorry that there isn't much to tell. Things are good! Thank you for all of your prayers for myself, my investigators & my area.


I hope you guys have a great week!!!!!

H.  Wright

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