Monday, September 7, 2015


Dearest Family & Friends:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I have the best family and friends ever!!!!!!
Thank you for all of your love and support and Birthday wishes!!!!

Hermana Clarke & I are still together in San Jacinto
I will get right into to this week since I don't have much time. We had transfers this week, but I am in the same area with Hermana Clarke--YEAH!!  Sister Teichert was transferred out and we miss her. The week was a little slow at first.... mostly because all of our investigators have been canceling appointments...and we gave a lot of the investigators to the elders. We decided we wanted to be smart about which men we would work with from now on.  So sadly, the elders are teaching Javier (and his 6 family members) and Jose. We are focusing a lot on that means walking, contacting, and . . . singing while we walk.

Miracle moments:
* We went walking was fast Sunday and we didn't have anyone sign up for yes, we were drooping with despair. But, this man stopped to talk to us and was talking about other missionaries he knew. It totally clicked that his family had been the former investigators we had been trying to contact.  After talking for a little bit he invited us to a barbecue with his family!!!!!      WHAT!!!!

* We had a lesson with that man in Thousand Palms, Luis. He was the one that called us Angels. He asked us how we do baptism.... What!?!?  He said he had been reading and wants to study it out more before he makes a decision. He already knows a lot about the church because he had a friend in Mexico, a long time ago,

that was a member of the church.  He got to help clean the temple there  once, so he has lots of questions.   Super awesome week!

Thanks for all of your love, support, Birthday Greetings and letters!!!  Thank you for making my birthday the best!!!!
Love to all,   Hermana Wright

There are BEAUTIFUL sunsets in San Jacinto!!!

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