Monday, August 31, 2015

Hermana Derecha, Izquierda, y en Media

Hello dearest family and friends!

Displaying IMG_0196.JPGTurns out....SURPRISE!!!! Its transfer week....we counted the weeks wrong the whole transfer..... So tomorrow will be our last day together as a trio, which I have been loving by the way. We mostly just feel the spirit and have a good time’s awesome! I have a cool story I want to share with you all this week:

Spiritual Moment: Nate would be interested to hear that his mission president, President and Sister Gay, came to visit our mission. They spoke to us for the majority of the day on Friday it was great. I asked them if they knew an Elder Wright....and Sister Gay was like "OH Nate!!" and I said yeah. I vaguely remember meeting the Gays once when we were at a volleyball game or something, and she remembered too! IT was pretty cool. 
They spoke a lot about getting to know our investigators well. He did a role play demonstrating that we need to be focusing on their deep concerns. Every person has their personal 'question of the soul'.

I thought a lot about Rose and what her 'question' is. (Background on Rose- not sure if I have already told you this, she has been investigating the church for 7-ish years. At the beginning of this transfer she lost her baby, and she almost died because of internal bleeding. She was taken to the emergency room by some of our members who also gave her a priesthood blessing. It was an amazing miracle where they said things that the doctor didn't even know yet. She slowly got better, but they still weren’t able to save the baby. Going into that experience we thought for sure she would agree to be baptized, and so consequently that is all we really talked about along with the Holy Ghost and recognizing our answers. As I was thinking about her deep questions I realized that we had neglected this poor woman's feelings about her child. Did that child ever get baptized? NO! By Rose's belief, her baby wasn't baptized and she won't ever see it again. 

It was such a touching moment as we read Moroni 8 with her, I told her that her baby was waiting in heaven for her, and that one day she could have an eternal family. She started to cry. It was one of the most special moments on my mission. I had one of those moments where I really understood how important it is to listen to the Holy Ghost. Heavenly Father knows everyone so personally, and we can only know how to help when we listen to him. She said that she would really like to come to a baptism to see what it’s like. Perfect...because there is one on Saturday!!!!!

Pure Awesomeness Moment: We went to Thousand Palms to walk and contact referrals and former investigators this past week. We had seen some of them before, but we didn’t remember which ones until we would get to their houses. We got to this one house and realized that we had been there before, but the man had been sleeping. So we knocked and his son went and got him from outside. He sat down with us outside and basically said, why are you here. And then he went on to say that he had just been thinking about how he needed Jesus in his life. He said things were kind of rough in his life and he didn’t really know how to fix it. He called us angels and felt like it was a miracle that we had come. It was pretty cool!!!

That’s it for this week folks! I have some good pictures of our trio-ness and our District, who is sadly parting ways. Oh well! We finally accomplished the summer in the desert!!!!!!!! Woohoo! That doesn't meant that it is any cooler though.....hopefully the temperature will start dropping a little. 
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Our District

Love you all!!!!!!!! Have a great Week!!!!!!!
H Wright

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Desert Sunset

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