Monday, September 21, 2015

A Lively Week - Branch Fiesta

September 21, 2015

Well folks, this week was definitely a lively one. We had an awesome branch fiesta to celebrate Mexico Independence. They do it every year and it is HUGE!!! Big enough that the members invite all of their friends, who invite all of their friends.....the list goes on. I am sending pictures. It was awesome!!  We met an awesome family that gave us their phone number as they were leaving! Yeah! They are friends with another family in the ward.  We had lots of people come to church this Sunday !!!  Including our new investigator Maria, I think I told you about her last week. It was so so exciting. Also President Parks just got released as Branch President, so it will be interesting to see the transition.

Funny Moments: All of these funny moments are brought to you by the one and only… Jair, who is one of the coolest pre-teens we teach. So first, let me paint you the picture. Its 8 pm and we walk up to their house and it's nearly pitch black.  A large dog we've never seen before (German shepherd) starts barking at us from inside their front gate. So, I did what had to be done-- I sent Hermana Clarke in as the bait. We finally made it to the door with me standing between Hermana Clarke and their door. We are having this conversation about how the dog is going to eat us, when we hear from the window of the room next to the door, "Missionaries?"   And we were like, "Jair?"  "I'm in the bathroom." "Ok, well, take your time.....we are just going to be killed by the giant bear out here. Will he eat us?"  " Oh, the dog? Yeah probably, don't get too close."  HAHAHA


Also, a couple lessons ago we talked to him about fasting, so that his dad will let him be baptized. He was so adorable.... We came to see him about 2 hours after he had stopped fasting and he told us he hadn't taken a shower or brushed his teeth for fear of swallowing the water. Hahahaha!  He is the coolest!!!!!

Cool lesson moment:
We had a lesson with the two girls that we had dinner with last week. One girl told us she wanted to learn more. We taught her the Restoration and she was feeling the spirit so strong. She said she couldn't stop smiling because she felt something.  It was so cool to see the spirit working with her... tonight we are going to bring B Rodriguez (you probably remember her:)) to a lesson. I am so excited!
Our Church Building

Well family and friends, that is it for this week! I would love to know how your missionary efforts are going. If you ever have any concerns on how to answer people's questions, let me know!


Love you all!!!!
Hermana Wright


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