Monday, August 3, 2015

Great people in Thousand Palms

Well familia....This week as no surprise....we 'worked our tags off' (Just a figure of speech....don't worry, we still have our tags on!!) We found a lot of really awesome people, that I would love to tell you about. We cover Cathedral City and Thousand Palms here in the desert. Not much had been done in a while in Thousand Palms, so we decide to start working in that area a lot more. That is where we have found some cool people.

Hermana's Wright y Clarke
As far as's hot. Yup. Several times this week it hit well over 100. We happened to plan to walk in Thousand Palms from noon to 3 on the day that hit 120 degrees.  Enough said.  We met some pretty cool people that thought we were crazy...

Things that have happened this week:

 1) We found this really awesome older man while going through the area book. We have been entering teaching records onto our iPads....a long and dreary process.....but he sounded like such an awesome guy! We got a chance to meet him and get a return appointment. Lots of potential there!

2) We decided to stray from our plans a little one night. We parked the car and decided to walk to the house of a former investigator. (The streets out here are all in Spanish....and usually have calle written on them instead of street) I always feel bad when we change plans because I know that as missionaries we work very closely with the other as we were walking, I said out loud, as per usual... 'Heavenly Father, sorry we had to change plans, but we are on the corner of Wishing Well and 33rd, send the prepared people here.' After we walked to the formers answer....we were walking back and a car stopped and they were some lotion sellers we had met a few days earlier. After talking a bit they had to go.  Then another younger guy stopped us in the road and asked us what we do ( PERFECT!) then while we were talking to him, some other random guy started talking to was crazy cool. When they both finally left, we looked up and saw the street signs....the corner of Wishing Well and 33rd!!!! Crazy cool!

3) Another cool addition to that story... we haven't been doing as well with teaching a principle of the gospel when we meet somebody on the street. We are starting up an English class and sometimes it's easier to just invite them to after missing a couple opportunities to talk about the gospel, I told Hermana Clarke, "the next person we talk to, we have to teach them the restoration....even if it's just really simple.'' And that is when we met people on the corner....and we talked about the restoration!!!!

4) We have one of our investigators on date for August 22. She is so awesome, her mom is a member. The other kids never got baptized. They are so so so awesome!

5) This weekend is Hermana Fong's baptism and I get to go back for it!!! YEAH!!

Lesson learned this week: don't stop and talk to people in cars at 8:30 at night...even if they say hi to you first. Because they will probably invite you out to eat to 'get to know your personalities more'. To which you reply that we are missionaries, and he might say
'yeah, I know'....... He might even call you on Saturday night at 9 and invite you over.............yikes!!!!!

We are doing this Book of Mormon project where we ask people their favorite scripture and they write it on a piece of paper and we take a picture. In the end we are going to decorate the Ward Bulletin with their pictures and then maybe do a Book Of Mormon FHE or something.
Hermana Vazquez is the cutest lady EVER!!!!!!!!!

Things have been going really well! Thanks for all your support! Love you guys!! Hope I made you chuckle, and feel the spirit too!
Hermana Wright

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