Monday, July 27, 2015

First Week in the San Jacinto Branch

San Jacinto
Well family and is my first week here in the San Jacinto branch (yes, it is significantly smaller than Rialto). There is a lot of potential here for reactivation since only about 20ish people come on average. I am actually way excited! Sister Clarke is AMAZING!!!! She technically is my 'sister' in the mission since we were both trained by Sister Jimenez. She is literally the greatest!!!! She has been in this area 2 transfers and is really excited to help this area progress even more! YEAH!!!!!

My new companion...Hermana Clarke
Interesting things that happened this week:
1) I learned that its nice weather if it gets under 120 degrees

2) Every tree in the desert is home to some kind of bug that makes the most ANNOYING buzzing noise. When you are driving it sounds like people are doing yard work....but no one would do their yard work when you can literally shrivel and die outside. 

3) DON'T talk to drunk men with their shirts off....even if they look like the member you are going to go see. They may ask you for your number and hand you their phone.

4) This branch has 2 members of the bishopric who American....but speak Spanish from their missions. 

5) The people here are great!!!! Still getting used to everything!
6) If you go to Cardenas (the grocery store) you can find MANY people who would like to learn English! We are starting up another English class here, and so we decided to go hand out fliers at Cardenas...turned out to be very successful and stressful. Even in English its hard to start up random conversations. Usually it starts with, "are you making some salsa?"

7) Met a man feeding the pigeons outside of Cardenas (first one I've met that didn't know who was playing in the Gold Cup!!!!!!) he asked me where in Mexico I was from. WHAT??? Hermano Cardozo (our Ward Missionary leader) said that I could pass for some one from Los Altos--in Jalisco. Yeah!!!!! I would prefer to think of it as my accent that makes people think I'm native....but I guess it's my eyelashes. 

Things are going really great here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for your love and support!!!!!      H Wright
I know that I am in a new area, but I have lots of pictures from Rialto 4th!!!!!

Our roomates - Hmas Ipson, Wright, Olsen, Shin
Toriz Familia (Ward Mission Leader)

Jenny and Kids
Uribe's  (Ruby, Claudia, Sol)
Justus & Kim

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