Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Great Testimony Meeting

Dear Family:

Well it's another week here in Rialto! Looking back on the transfer, I feel like
we have done a lot to help the people here. And we will keep going! Everyday I am amazed at the quality of people here! Amidst all the crazy people, you don't have to look too hard to find the diamonds in the rough.

Sunday (yesterday) we had such a great testimony meeting. The people here are such sincere, lovable people! One after the other we heard such great testimonies and conversion stories! WOW! Something you don't see very often is that just about everyone here is a convert.....there is a lot of power that comes from a ward like that!

We picked up 3 investigators this week, and received a lot of referrals! Which will be perfect as we turn this slow week into a fast week. Gabriela, one of the new investigators, immediately invited us in.....without much intro. A couple of weeks ago I was looking through the list of potentials we had....just names and phone numbers basically....I decided to randomly select one to try. I called her and she made an appointment with us....usually I have to do a little more convincing.....but wow! So we sat down in her house and talked about the elders she had had 2 years ago. She pulled out her Book of Mormon and said she had made it to Alma. I have never felt so strongly to ask someone to be baptized, I felt tingles the whole time. She said ahorita no.....but she committed to read the Book of Mormon some more with us! Great lady!!

Well for the 4th of July we had to be in by 6pm, working on entering the area book  (basically the encyclopedia of the least for investigators) into our IPads....which seems nice in theory......we got maybe 1/24 of the way was long. To celebrate the fourth and our 5 month mark, we bought frozen hot chocolate-- yes it's a thing and it's delicious!!

That is it for this
week familia! I love you all! Have a great week!!!!!

Hermana Wright

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