Monday, February 8, 2016

Another week of miracles!

Can you believe this HUGE lemon?
Dear family,

This week my email is a little different. Yesterday my neck got a little hurt, not sure how. I think it's a pinched nerve..... Or something. So due to the necessity for rest..... Sister Erickson wrote my email this week. I made a few edits, but yes it was her.

Thank you so much for all of your support. 

"Ok, we had a week full of miracles! To start off, on Monday night we were contacting a potential investigator and some lady who lived there answered and invited us in and then we taught her a lesson! She is a new investigator now named Maria, of course. She is super eager to learn and really awesome!

Also on Monday night, we did what we have been dreading for a long time. We dropped Maria (a different Maria). It broke my heart and it was really hard, but we will not be going back. She basically forgot about all of the things we have ever taught her. She is just so stuck in her ways and there was nothing else we could do. It was sad but she just isn't ready. But right after we dropped her, we got like a million new investigators!
The elders sent us like 5 and then we got like 2 more. It was crazy.

H Erickson y H Wright
Another miracle: We went to read with a less active family and when we got there, one of their friends was there! We read with him and it ended up that he had a lot of questions about the plan of salvation that we were able to answer. We set another appointment for this week, so we are excited to teach him more! He is a super interesting person. He is 20 years old and it is kind of weird, but still good. Very interesting guy... we are excited!

Another miracle: everyone remembers Ben right? So when I was in Palm Springs on exchanges this week they had a lesson with him where he said he felt so good in the church building and when we come over, but that he wasn't sure about what his answer was. Sister Wright left him with the part of a pamphlet about recognizing answers and we were going to talk about it when we came to the next lesson on Saturday, but when we got there, he was like "so I have been reading this pamphlet, and in the back here, it says that the fruits of the spirit are peace, etc.... And so I think that this is my answer. I know this is the right path for me." HE IS SO COOL.

After he said that we were both a little shocked, (this NEVER happens). It was amazing. He is one of the most prepared people I have ever met. He says he has been praying to
know the truth and now he knows. Really, it is absolutely amazing. It usually takes a LOT of explaining to get anyone to understand that even a little. Wow it was so amazing. So yes, he will be getting baptized! He said that morning he had prayed to know if he should be baptized. He said that whole day that he felt really peaceful and that he knew that he wanted to be baptized. Plus, he has the coolest son ever, named Israel."

Beautiful San Jacinto, CA
Hope you enjoyed the new perspective on things from Sister Erickson.

Love you !  Hermana Wright y Hermana Erickson  

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