Monday, June 22, 2015

Another Week of Miracles

June 22, 2015
Well family, we are starting week 3 of the transfer here in the beautiful Rialto, California...... and super rarely gets under 100 here......woohoo!!! 

Well I wanted to start this letter by talking about all the miracles from this week:

We got 7 new investigators this week, more than doubling the pool of investigators! Yeah!!!!

Some of the people we contacted last week became our investigators this week so.....

Abrahm--- really awesome older man that has worked in just about every handyman job there is (he was the neighbor of the Former Investigator Pedro). We had a great lesson with him where we showed him Because He Lives (Gracias a Que El Vive) and talked to him about how he can grow his faith in the savior....through the Book of Mormon. He is probably the sweetest guy ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Josephina---a former investigator of the Elders....she is always alone so they could never go in. Just another testament that the Lord knows what he is doing. We had been to their house probably no less than 7 times. Each time either no one would answer or her grandson would (but she wouldn't be home). So after we said the prayer before leaving the car we said it was the last time....we told Heavenly Father this was the last time we were going to try to contact her....) Low and behold her grandson answered, and said "Do you want me to go get her?" We were SO excited!!!!  She and her grandson are very interested in learning. We talked to them about the Book of Mormon and showed them the pictures at the front. She said that now when we come (she said 3 or more times a week... so cute!) they will make a big dinner so that her kids get excited to learn. She wants it to seem like a big happy party whenever we come to talk about the gospel. After we talked about the Book of Mormon she re-taught the whole thing to her younger grandchild.....she is SO awesome! The only problem is that she works as a CNA on Sundays....and like every other day too....bummer.

Gladys and Francisco---- they have been investigators for a LONG time....all of their kids are members I believe...... They are really sweet. Gladys is Cuban and her husband is from somewhere around Jalisco. We taught them about the Restoration....they provided us with our first encounter with a misunderstanding about AUTHORITY.....and how once it was taken from the Earth, NO ONE had authority. So we are working really hard on understanding Catholic beliefs so we can teach better to their needs. 

Claudia and David are really great! They struggle with similar problems as Gladys and if you have any ideas about how to teach really strong catholic people....let me know. 

Lupis and Raul: This is the regular Lupis and her husband. They are really great and know a lot about the gospel, but they have never been able to make it to church. We tried really hard with them this past Sunday, and then they never came. We had people waiting at the door to greet them and people who had invited them via text......oh well. We are going to make one last big push with them this week! 

We contacted a wonderful teenage girl last night who used to investigate the church a while with the Elders. We are excited to start working with her as well

Good news! Finally had a lesson with Jose Ocampo!!!!! That was most definitely a miracle for me!!!! 

We got our IPADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are getting really good at talking to people on the street! President's new thing to tell us is that nowhere in the Book of Mormon does it say "Is there a time that we can come by and visit you?" he says....JUST START TEACHING THEM!!! So whenever we talk to people, before we ask for a time and their phone number....we teach them a principle of the gospel, usually the Book of Mormon. REALLY AWESOME!!!!!!! We have had some really good experiences with that. 

We are planning the baptism for Justus Campbell this week and we are working on inviting EVERYONE!!!! It will be so great!!!! It's going to be in woohoo!

This week was really rewarding! Hard work....but rewarding!!!!!!!! This week was another testament that the Lord really prepares people to receive his missionaries. Each person that we come in contact is a miracle for me.....literally everyone is put in our paths for a reason. Everyone is in the process of preparation! Maybe that preparation is still small....but they are being prepared in one way or another.  Covering 2 areas is hard work!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!!! Have a great week!!!!!!!
We had a missionary Primary Activity on Saturday.
The kids even went on a 'plane' to get to the Brazil MTC.
 We taught them about what its like to be a missionary!

By the way, the Fongs dog had puppies!! So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
H Wright

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