Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Time Flies

Welp folks.... we are already in the middle of May... Here in Rialto 4 it has been surprisingly stormy-ish all week. We went to the doctor for Hermana Jimenez and then spent the next day inside so she can fully recover.

The week picked up on Friday-ish when we 'unknowingly' taught an Investigator with a MEMBER PRESENT. Because the elders combined their area into one, we got some of the members in their area. We went to visit the Rugamas, one of those new families and had a lesson with their friend that we thought was a Less Active member. We found out later that she is actually an INVESTIGATOR!!!!   IT was awesome!

Also, Lupis' other daughter is our new investigator!!!! I am excited for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am hoping that once one of the people in their family is onboard with coming to church, they all will! We had a lesson with them about the Book of Mormon, and she asked us what we believe about Bi-sexual people....whew....hard questions are fun!!!!! 

Funny Moment: This morning I was so tired I literally ran into a pole in our parking lot....yup true story....I have a bruise on my wrist to prove it. And maybe tomorrow one on my face!

Spiritual Moment: I LOVE bearing my testimony of the Book of Mormon. In the lesson with Lupis and her daughter we did the best to answer their questions....but in the end it comes down to the Book of Mormon....so I bore my testimony of how I knew the Book of Mormon to be true, and paired my testimony with Alma's in Alma 5:45-47.  It was great!

Study Moment: I had some really good Studies this week. My VERY favorite was when I studied The Spirit of Elijah....a topic I was pretty unfamiliar with. Basically, the spirit of Elijah is a promise of the fulfillment of the last days in which people will feel closer to their families. The interesting part to me was that it means both family members dead and LIVING! I also learned from D&C 128 :15.... We MUST share the gospel with our family members, living and dead, or we cannot receive eternal life! Woah! 

Also, one of the only reasons we even have the priesthood on the Earth is to perform these sacred ordinances like Baptism! 

I also found in 128:18 it talks about "welding" ourselves to our family members....(thought you would like that for your family history children's books, Mom.) 

Well, I love  you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are having a great week! Thank you for your prayers!!!! And thank you for your emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also: special shout out to those with Birthdays this last week! Candace, Lauren, Gabe, and Grandpa Bagley!!!!!! I love you guys and I hope you had a great day! Go Gabe!!!!! He got ordained to the priesthood this last week, and I am SO SO SO proud of him! 

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