Monday, January 26, 2015

Saying Goodbye's!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who came to my farewell! I know a lot of you made sacrifices to be there! For any of you looking for the stories from my talk, I figured I would post them here.

The Room:
The Currant Bush: the story is told in this talk
Good Timber:

                                                  We love our Stoddards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                          Thank you for being our great friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to the Eastridge 1st Ward for being so great! I loved seeing each of you there! Thanks for all the support!

I love my parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are great examples of who I want to be when I grow up!

I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE my BYU girls! They are all so great! Lots of them will be leaving soon on missions, and I know they will do great!!!

                            Love these great guys from our Eastridge Sunday School!
                 Too bad we missed Shelly, Riley, Tanner, Mitch, and a couple others!!!

                                        The Girls!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta love 'em!!!
                                 3/5 of us will be serving the Lord by April!!!

High School Buds!!!!!!!!!!

                   I have GREAT COUSINS! They are such awesome examples!!!!!!!


                              Such a great looking group of nieces and nephews.
                          I wish all 22 of them could be here, including their parents!!!

I have great Sisters!!!!

                           Wish this girl could've been here! We both leave on 2-4-15!!!!!!

                     Roomie Picture!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this girl she will do great in Ukraine!

 Thanks to all of those people from Idaho (Zollingers, Lorets, and the Bitters) who drove just to come see me! Love you all!!!!


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  1. Becca!!!! We SO wish we could have been there!! LOVE YOU!!!!